Friday, August 2, 2013

One step at a time...

I'm so glad it's Friday! What a week! I've decided it's time to bring back my mantra... just worry about the next step. There's so much happening all at once, that it'd be easy to get lost in the chaos, so I'm just putting my head down and doing what comes next. One step at a time.

House update... We've signed documents until our fingers ache, had the Home Inspections on Wednesday, and are cruising right along. The appraisal should take place soon, and then the financing can get rolling. On Wednesday, we drove out to meet with the inspector and got many of our questions answered - yes, we can tear down those walls (ALL those walls); yes, we can rip out the fireplace; yes, we can put sliding doors in the back wall... so we're on track with what we wanted for the house. There's going to be quite a bit of demolition - I might even get to swing a sledgehammer! Woot!

It should be noted, though, that I have more than enough
books to fill a library such as this and we still need
to find a bookcase solution.
Ok, maybe this pic goes back into the notebook, lol! ;-)
It's going to take a whole lot of work and sweat (and knowing me, blood) to make this place our own, but it's going to be so worth it! I can't wait to see it all finished! For years I've had a "dream house" file, with photos of stuff I love and think would be so neat to have (hey, dreams are free, right?). Now that file has turned into one of my notorious notebooks ;-) and it's filling up fast! I'm discarding nonsensical whims (like the two story library with the sliding ladder, lol), and adding space-saving cabinetry solutions. Tossing out castle turret reading nooks (complete with suit of armor, haha), and replacing with a simple window seat with cabinets for the bay window. Oh, and the basement level full size and commercially equipped home gym? Yeah, that's out, but the small and efficient (and meticulously planned) home gym is in.

Funny how dreams change - from fanciful to practical. When I imagined buying a home, I just saw us moving in and moving forward - I never saw a remodel project of this magnitude! It's crazy fun! And doing it this way is saving us a TON of money. Yay for saving money! LOL!
Those walls will be coming down! Woot!!
The wedding is just 15 days away... paying the final bill today (ouch), plus ordering the cake, and still searching for those stupid little 'floral weights' - they look like metal clothespins, but we can't find them anywhere online. We'll be looking for them today while we're out and about. Shiloh's gown is finished (alterations) and she looks beautiful in it! How'd she grow up so fast?

The other two girls are all ready for school to start - man I'd forgotten how expensive college textbooks are! HOLY COW! With the weird way they do first day scheduling, Bethany is only in school on Wednesday for just over an hour. 19 minutes per class. What a waste of a day! Yeesh! I think I'll just camp out in the library and wait for her instead of going home then coming right back.

Hey, guess what? My shoulders are sore. Not hurting. Sore. WOOOOHOOO!!! I have not been able to work my shoulders like this in 2 years!!! I am still getting twinges, but I have successfully done 2 shoulder workouts this week, and it feels amazing to be sore! YAY!!! The AC joint is still messed up, the bones were crisscrossed last night and Bill had to help me stretch the arm out far enough to get them to realign (not fun). But... this is such HUGE progress!! And such a hope-booster!! When I was working out yesterday I could actually see shoulder caps and striations! I even had a little vascularity pop out! Ha! Happy Dance!!!

So... it's Friday and life is good. We're happy, excited, grateful, and incredibly broke. Lol!

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