Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Step... Step... LEAP!

We took the leap and landed safely! Following our daughter's beautiful wedding on the 17th, we have been BUSY! Shi has been packing like crazy, then there was the IKEA trip that wouldn't end, lol. Went in for a bed and came out with a bed, dresser, mattress, and couch set - among other things, haha. She had to beg a friend with a trailer to meet us there to transport it all back home. And back home... chaos reigns supreme! Just look at my office!
I mean, SERIOUSLY, right? LOL! First it was wedding central, now it's packing central. Hahaha!
My office is now relocated to the dining room table - which I am NOT showing you a photo of cuz' it's a freakin' mess! LOL.

While the packing fest rolls on, we've had other activities... Bethany's senior portrait shoot, for one. Shi took Bethany up to Payson to an old barn for photos and they're awesome!

My parents, who are staying here in AZ to help us remodel our new home, drove up there to watch the shoot.

I don't think they were expecting quite the 'scenic route' they got... the boys had a little fun, and this is what Dad's truck looked like when they were done...

Can you say, "OH MY!"  ;-)

The photos turned out great, despite the mudbath, check out a few of my favorites, and if you'd like you can see the whole shoot on Shi's facebook page for her photography here:

Aren't those cool? :-)

We'll be packing up the Uhaul and whatever trucks/cars we need on Saturday (early) then heading to San Diego to get them moved in. I do not envy whoever gets nominated to put together all that IKEA furniture! LOL!

Monday was the big day... Closing! With all the paperwork and loan-work done, it was just a matter of doing a final walk through, then receiving keys! Woot! We hugged, cried a bit ;-) then went out back to stick our feet in OUR pool ;-)

Since then, we've been busy changing locks and tearing down that white pool fence you see above. Already the backyard has opened up! We toasted the new house with my favorite champagne, Wilson Creek Almond Champagne (regular champagne tastes funny to me, lol - and it makes me sneeze). Tomorrow we'll work on finishing some stuff up, meet with another contractor and begin setting our timeline for the remodel. The first phase will include knocking down some interior walls, putting in a sliding glass patio door (and maybe a few windows replaced), then tear out the flooring. We'll also be removing the current kitchen, building the new one, and putting in the new flooring. Second phase will focus on the master bedroom/bathroom/closet. Third phase is backyard. Fourth phase is my gym ;-)

After phase 1 is complete we should be ready to move-in! Here are some pics of the house as it is now...

This all goes away, lol! Tearing down the right side wall, gutting the kitchen,
and building my own!

Removing the wall to the right, and opening this up all the way to the back of the house.

Pool fence is partway down now! Can't wait until it's gone! Woot! 
We've got a ton of work ahead of us! :-) And we can't wait to dig in! I'm using like a junkie, lol, and combing Pinterest for ideas, too. By the time we're done, we're never going to want to move! ;-)


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  1. Congrats on owning your new house" together" and all the NEW things to yalls way!!!!!!