Monday, August 19, 2013

The New Mr. & Mrs. Giannini!

What a wonderful, amazing, beautiful weekend we had! Family all arrived at various points last week, Friday morning us girls all headed to the salon for nails and toes ;-) Later that evening we had the rehearsal and dinner. It all went without a hitch, though it was, umm, warm, lol. 108 when we started the rehearsal. Oy! We got to visit and chat with family we haven't seen in way too long and really had a great time.

Me ;-)

My Mommy

Briana, Maid of Honor

The Bride!

Ariel (sister), Bridesmaid

Monica (Groom's Mom)

Bethany (sister), Bridesmaid
Treasuring the moment
All lined up and ready to go!

My parents

Shiloh, Greg and Bill

My Grandparents

Chatting with my Grandparents
Jared getting some marital advice from my Grandpa

Saturday, I came down the stairs to find Shiloh sitting cross-legged at the bottom wearing her PJ's and cookie monster hat. Couldn't sleep, she said. Don't know why that led to sitting at the bottom of the stairs wearing cookie monster, lol, but we got to enjoy some quiet time together before we had to start getting stuff done. Then we were off to the venue... makeup, hair, photos, girl-chaos reigned! ;-) The ceremony was wonderful - it suited Jared and Shiloh right down to the ground, and we got a sweet breeze and a bit of cloud cover so no one was overwhelmed by the heat (yay!!).   The reception was one big party, and everyone had a great time. The kids were hysterical with some of their antics, and the speeches/toasts were heartwarming.

Shiloh did the first Father/Daughter dance with Greg, then came time for her Father/Daughter dance with Bill. He whipped out their matching cookie monster hats and she surprised us all by putting hers on without hesitation (you know how girls are about their hair, lol). It was beautiful and yes, I cried. Her love for Bill was evident and it was just incredible. She has told us that she would never settle for less than the type of relationship Bill and I have, and she certainly has found that soul-mate in Jared.

The party was a blast... I watched Jared and his Grandmother boogie on the dance floor, families visiting peacefully and just enjoying the moments, and Jared and Shiloh sparkling with love and joy. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, to see my little girl transform into the woman she's become - then be able to share her with family and friends. They're so perfect for each other, Shi and Jared, and we are so excited to watch the future unfold for them!

Today they're in San Diego, filing all their paperwork with the Military, then Shiloh will fly back here Tuesday. Mad packing will ensue ;-) and then over Labor Day weekend, we'll help them move into their new apartment. And yes, I will probably cry.

There were so many family members and friends there to celebrate Jared and Shiloh's marriage, and of course, there was simply not enough time to visit with everyone. I'm still gathering photos (and if you're reading this, and you have some, please share!), and we'll be getting the pro-photos soon. But here are some more preliminary photos to share our special day with you.... (click on photos to view larger)

Brother and Sister ;-) 

My Parents

Jared and Mom

The Grand Entrance

The centerpieces with the infamous 'Pin Frogs', LOL!

Me, Jamie, Sylvia and Stacey (Siblings)

Photo Booth Fun!


  1. congratulations! that last photo is especially gorgeous - what a happy couple!

  2. congratulations are for sure at hand. The Last picture is my favorite!!!