Monday, August 12, 2013

This is it! Wedding Week!

I think if I stop moving, I might collapse. I've been a whirling dervish, over here in Scottsdale - so I'm responsible for any weather pattern changes, sorry. ;-) Things with the house are progressing rapidly. As soon as the loan goes hard, we can close - probably (knock on wood) Wednesday or Thursday. Of this week. Wedding week. YIKES! But, that said, it's preferable to close early, so we can get the locks changed, call in the AC guy for the wonky unit, then focus completely on the wedding. I've been worried about missing something that'll delay closing because I've been consumed by the wedding, and I've been worried that I'll miss something with the wedding because I'm worried about the closing. Not ideal. Hopefully, things will go smoothly, we can close and put it away for a few days.

The wedding plans are smooth and on track, thanks to my super-organized daughter. Thursday night Jared arrived, Friday night was the bachelor party - and let me tell you, they partied ;-). The after-party was at our house, so I locked myself in my bedroom and watched Ice Age 1 & 2, and Brave before crashing to the sounds of their revelry ;-) Bill made it to bed around 5am. I was up bright and early Saturday to do my cardio and lifting, then stuff around the house - around noon the boys started waking up and moaning. Hahaha!

Saturday evening was the bachelorette party. The maid of honor did a fantastic job! We had dinner at an Italian place, then took a limo to Tempe. There was a sort of scavenger hunt up and down Mill Ave. Several of the girls ditched their heels as we tromped up and down the street - I, however, kept mine on until we got home (and boy'oh'boy did my feet ache!). Lol! Back home was the after-party, and the boys joined the girls for some pool time and fun. Everything went beautifully and everyone had a fantastic time.

Sunday was busy. Errands, errands, and more errands, then we had a glitch on the rehearsal dinner (well, we didn't but we had to handle it), so we drove out to the venue to take care of that, then ran more errands. This morning I've been cleaning like a maniac, returning my house to it's pre-party state. Which, frankly, isn't saying much, lol, as we are completely Wedding Central. Family begins to arrive on Wednesday, the rehearsal and dinner are Friday, and the wedding is Saturday! I can hardly believe it!

Professionally, it's been a rewarding week. My custom clients are doing phenomenally! Progress as we generally perceive it (scale, measurements), but most importantly - mental progress. The battle with weight, with maintenance, with balance - it's mostly mental. Fighting beliefs we've held of what 'healthy' is, our perceptions of our bodies and what they 'should' look like... the struggle can be crippling. And I love nothing more than watching others beat back that nasty inner-voice, understand their bodies needs and seek to meet them, and find peace in the process. It's a spectacular joy for me.

Additionally, I was made aware of a couple with whom I've never had contact (to my knowledge) who have used my website, recipes and resources to transform their lives - and the husband has lost over 100 lbs!! I've requested some before/after photos so I can share them with you :-) How awesome is that????

It's been a big month for us, with more to come. I'm excited, grateful, humbled and overjoyed. This week I get to work with amazing clients, visit with family I haven't seen in way too long, (maybe) buy a house, and watch my sweet daughter join herself to an amazing young man - giving me another awesome son! ;-)

Happy Monday, ya'll!!


  1. Many congratulations are being sent your way! You have much to be thankful for. Enjoy this week and everything it brings.

  2. I hope this week goes smoothly for you. Good luck with the closing and have extra fun with the wedding. I wish you both the best!

  3. Have a great time this weekend Chelle! Congrats to all!