Friday, August 30, 2013

Will You Share? Warning: Shameless Begging Ahead

Happy Friday, Friends!! It's crazy pack and load day here at the Stafford household, lol! The kids are out right now picking up the U-Haul, then it'll be time to load 'er up! I am refusing to think about the fact that Shi won't be making the return trip with us. I am, however, focusing on how exciting this is - my daughter setting up her first home with her husband.

As packing tape, bubble wrap and boxes move from room to room, I find myself making lists - then losing them. I know there are a million things I need to do, I just can't seem to put my finger on any of them. My friend Robin posted this today on facebook and it's wildly appropriate, lol.

Now on the the shameless begging. I'm about to ask you all for something...  Here's the backstory:

I've worked for years to provide an internet resource for folks on the weight loss journey. It all started way back when on my family website - remember That resource grew and grew, until it grew up ;-) and became and this blog. (You can learn more about the growth here) Over the years, I've spoken and emailed with hundreds and hundreds of people. Some became clients when I launched the business, others utilize the (abundant) free resources on the site. All have access to me through email - and there have been many, many (ok, countless!) emails. I love what I do, I love interacting with you all, and I love, love, LOVE hearing about progress and goals reached.

Unfortunately... I don't get to hear all those stories. Enough of them that I know it's working, that my work is helping others. But I want more. I recently was made aware of a couple who have used my website, resources and recipes to complete a lifestyle change -and the husband has lost over 100 lbs! Doesn't that sound like something I'd like to know? ;-)

So I'm asking... if you have a story to share, please share it! I'd love to share  your stories (and photos if you're willing) on the website. Whether you've been a formal client, or if you've used the site as a resource, if you'd share your experience and allow me to share it on the site, I'd be grateful!

Here's the brass tacks... I quit my 'day-job', ya'll know this. I went full-time into to pursue my passion to help others reach their goals, to build a business that makes a difference in people's lives. While I love my work, love doesn't pay the bills ;-)  I've put a lot into building my business... time, energy, and money. Those of you who have your own business know that it takes everything you've got. And I'm giving it everything I've got, but I need your help to get the word out - to let people know that Recipe For Fitness can help them reach their goals.

As it's just me, I'm limited in the number of custom plan clients I can have at any given time (though fyi, I do have one opening to start mid-September), but the downloadable meal plans in the store, and the free resources on the site - these are there for everyone. Can you help me let people know? Your stories, your journeys - shared - can make a huge difference for this small business, as well as serve to inspire others. If you've benefited from my work, my resources, my plans, even my workout playlists ;-) please, please share! You can post below, or email me directly.

Ok. Done begging. ;-) And back to work I go...
Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Chelle, I'd be more then happy to plug your page on my website! I'll let you know when the website is finally live and active (issues to iron out still). I'll add a little of your backstory and a link for people to get to your page. Xoxo