Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adding Surgery to Insult and Injury

Maybe I should try this?
Just when everything seems to be rolling along smoothly - what always happens to me? If you've been sharing my journey for any length of time,  you can probably guess. Injury. Yep. Ya'll know I've been struggling with injury from the very beginning. Don't know why I'm so prone to breakage, lol, but there it is. Knees, shoulders, back, shins, elbow, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis... I just roll from one on to the next. And here we are at the next. Ugh.

This darn elbow.

Quite some time back I developed tennis elbow. I've had treatment, done the rehab, all the stages have been completed. I changed the way I lift (nothing palm down), and I opted out of our bowling league for the summer session. When August came my elbow was feeling pretty darn good. The Fall/Winter bowling league began and there I was, tossing my 15 lb purple ball down the lane, hanging with family and friends, and eating my cooler-meals (no bowling alley food unless it's a treat). I wasn't doing too shabby, hitting my average (140'ish - don't laugh). Then it happened. I got up, found my mark, went into my throw and POP! I heard it, then I felt this fiery, icy slicing tear.

Being who I am, did this stop me? No. Of course not. I read up, then purchased an industrial strength elbow brace. It helped. For like 10 minutes. Boooo. Off to the doc I went. X-rays, exams, PAIN. He sent me for an MRI, and the results came in yesterday.

It bears repeating. BOOOOOOOOOO!

The report uses a bunch of ugly words like extensor tendon tear, thickening, deep soft tissue edema, compromised tendon fibers, lateral epicondylitis, and such. The doctor explained it all (in English, thankfully), and as the condition is worsening, I require surgery. He'll do debridement, then stitch the ligament back together and secure it to the bone. Fun, right? It'll be an 8-week recovery. If I delay in getting the surgery, there is a high risk that the scar tissue forming will cause permanent damage to the nerves (which are already futzy) and make future surgery impossible. Fabulous. So... I'm having surgery. Soon. Probably within the next couple weeks. Thankfully, this is the same doctor I've had for several years, and he's the one who fixed up my knee (December 2010), and the one who's helped me avoid surgery on my shoulder (knock on wood). I trust him, and I know he'll do everything he can to help me get back to lifting.

The worst part of this? I've let it mess with my head to such a degree that I did something today I've never done before. I forgot a client appointment. Completely spaced it. Granted, I'm still not physically (or mentally) recovered from the weekend I just spent nursing a very, very sick teenager, so my head was fuzzy to begin with, but the news yesterday just pushed me right off the Feeling Sorry For Myself Cliff, and I let someone down. Damn.

So... it's time to get my head out of my ass and face what's coming. I've got research to do on what to expect of my post-op, I've got a meal plan to formulate, food to prep for the family and myself during my downtime, and a plan to make for my own recovery goals. Oh - and a house to remodel ;-)

My now-recovering teen said last night, "Well, Mom - at least you won't have to do any of the heavy lifting (remodel / moving)".  You women who lift can probably guess what my response was... (whining) "But I WANT to do the heavy lifting!"  Lol.

There it is. That's what's happening. I'm angry, scared, in pain. But... it is what it is. I am now removing head from ass and  moving forward. Here we go.

Yes, please.

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