Monday, September 9, 2013

Q&A... How Do You Stay Motivated?

I'm struggling with the eat clean lifestyle. How do I get a handle on this?

Many wonderful folks contact me because they're struggling with the fact that they struggle with this new lifestyle. I've said often that this is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. That means it is subject to the variances of our lives... when we get stressed, it becomes more difficult (just like the rest of our life, when we're stressed becomes more difficult); when we're dealing with traumas or troubles, it becomes more difficult (just like the rest of our life, when we're dealing with traumas or troubles, it becomes more difficult). It's just another facet of your life.
Please don't beat yourself up when you struggle. Life happens, and sometimes we just have to hold on until the ride is over. Yes, it sucks to struggle, but struggling is part of the great experience of living. It's not unique to your food-lifestyle... we struggle in relationships, in jobs, in parenting, in finances, in school, etc. It is what it is... now what are you going to do about it? Here are a few tips...
1. Preparation is key. The more prepared you are, the better equipped you are to stay on track. That said, sometimes preparation just doesn't happen. Don't fret, just move on. There are options to keep eating clean even on the run. (check out my fast-food cheat sheet)
2. Exercise is a stress-release. Apart from the endorphins and all that, working out is a release of the pressure that's been building up. It's your time, you alone. Put in your ear-buds and tune out the world. That said, sometimes exercise just doesn't happen. Don't fret, just move on. Get back to it when you can. (check out my workout /cardio playlists)
3. This too shall pass. You will not always struggle. There will even come a time when you will not struggle very often. Like so many things in our lives, the more you do them, the more natural they become. You'll learn to make time for food prep to save you time throughout the week; you'll learn to squeeze in workouts when necessary, and how to get more out of a 20 or 30 minute session when you have to make it quick (remember my motto - work harder not longer); you'll learn all kinds of shortcuts that will help you get what you need to do done.
There is no final exam for the clean eating lifestyle, so take your time in learning. Enjoy the process.


  1. great advise! After a rollercoaster (downhill mostly) after my dad passed away four months ago, my nutrition suffered a lot. This past week was my first week back to eating clean and while I had some headaches from cutting the sugar, I'm feeling much better now and not as tired!

    Maria @ Asphalt & Trails

    1. Hi Maria,
      I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.
      Nutrition makes such a big difference in how we feel, doesn't it? Even though it takes some time to get back in the swing of things, it's worth it.
      Best Wishes to you!!