Sunday, October 20, 2013

6 Days Post Surgery, Updates, and 5th Anniversary...

Recovery is going well. Quicker than I expected, in some ways, though I've discovered that having an incision is a sure-fire way to create targeted klutz. I have scraped my elbow, bumped it into doorjambs, wobbled into walls, and smacked car doors more in the last week than I have in many years (combined). The good news is that the stitching is industrial strength, lol, and no matter how severely I've whapped it, my elbow stitching has remained intact. ;-)

I tire very quickly, which irritates the bejeebers out of me. But, my range of motion improves every day - I went from just wiggling my fingers to flexing my wrist, to being able to fully move and extend my arm - all in just 6 days. I wore the sling dutifully, until the dressing came off. Once all the padding was gone, the sling irritates the stitches, so I can only handle it for short periods of time. Mostly I walk around holding my arm as if it were in a sling, lol.

I've also discovered the dangers of ice-packs and vicodin, haha. I took my pills, laid down with an ice pack and fell asleep, not feeling that the ice pack was against my skin instead of just the dressing. I gave myself freezer burn. Oops.

The incision is quite a bit longer than we expected, but I can live with it. If you look at the photo below, the incision goes the whole length of the steri-strips. Around our house we're proud of our battle scars ;-) Though I really hope the ice burn goes away. Lol.  I go back on Thursday for my post-op and will get the dish on where we go from here. Personally, I'm anxious to get the steri-strips off - some of you might remember that I'm allergic to adhesive and those buggers are stinging and itching. No hives, thank goodness, but I'm definitely ready to have them removed!

My youngest had her doctor appointment this week to go over the latest round of test results. We've (finally) been given a diagnosis and she's relieved to have learned the reason behind the last two years of health struggles. We have a path to follow, and in addition she's doing well with implementing her gluten free lifestyle. It was humorous to me that she was the one to bring up nutrition to the rheumatologist, and to see her get angry when he pooh-pooh'd it. I had to remind her that doctors aren't paid by farmers, but by pharmaceutical companies. She got pretty steamed when he told her that nutrition had nothing to do with health. Ya'll can imagine my response, lol, but it pleased me that she's embraced its importance and is quick to defend it. Regardless of his opinion, she's focusing on her nutrition, listening to her body, and adjusting to the struggles she's facing and will continue to face. I'm very, very proud of her.

The house remodel continues... one set of patio doors is in and I just can't get over how much it changes the house! We'd hoped for it, of course, but seeing the reality is wonderful! Now, after tearing down walls inside, and tearing out the back wall and putting in the glass sliders, you can see the pool waterfall from the front door. It's so exciting!

Tomorrow the patio doors go in to the Master bedroom, then once that's complete, we finish up the drywall, then paint, then lay floors! Mom had the awesome idea of having a 'signing party' - where we all sign the floor before we lay the wood down. How fun!! I bought the sharpies today ;-)

This next week will be crazy and full (as usual). Doctor's appointments, work, and the usual stuff, plus Shi and Jared are coming to visit! If all goes well, they'll arrive Thursday (my birthday!) and that will be terrific to see them and spend time together. We've really missed them!  Can't believe they've been married for 2 months already!

So... that's what's happening here. While my own nutrition isn't the usual 6 meals/day, I am getting proper protein, carbs, and healthy fats... and eating a LOT of salad, lol. Not much fruit, as frankly it's been just too much trouble. Today Bill helped me grocery shop (can't quite push that cart around yet), and I've got greek yogurt and cottage cheese for healthy snacking, along with my usual chicken, whole grains, and veggies. It's nice to be able to feed myself properly again ;-)   I'll be using my crockpot again for the majority of this week's meals. The chicken breasts are already chopped and bagged, ready to be tossed in the crockpot. I've also still got a beef stew prepped in the freezer and ready for the slow cooker, so we're stocked and good to go.

I'm anxious to be cleared to hit the gym again. Today is my first full day off pain meds, so I'm hoping to at least be able to hit the stairmaster by mid-week. It'll depend on if I can hold onto the rails yet or not. We'll see.

This week also marks 5 years (FIVE YEARS) of maintaining my weight loss! WOOOHOOO! Throughout my physical challenges, several surgeries, and the vast etc., lol, my nutrition has kept me stable. The years and habit of healthy clean-eating and exercise have allowed me a much appreciated grace period for times like this when I cannot burn the extra calories. I know that physique-wise, I'm soft right now, but my clothes all still fit and I'm still holding steady.

The lifestyle change works, my friends! :-)

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  1. Five years - wooo hoooo! Congratulations. And here's to a speedy recovery!