Thursday, October 3, 2013

And the chaos continues...
Well, I had my pre-op appointment yesterday afternoon. The PA who handled it was fabulous, and made sure all my questions had corresponding answers. The only downside is that there's a lot that's up in the air - we won't know until we know. How long will my arm be immobilized? Won't know until Dr. Martin gets in there. How long before I start physical therapy? Won't know until Dr. Martin gets in there. How long will the recovery be? Won't know until Dr. Martin is done in there. I'm right-handed - will I be forced to learn how to eat, type, etc with my left hand only and if so, for how long? We won't know until we know how much work Dr. Martin has to do in there. Oy!

We do have generals... like it's generally 8-10 weeks recovery before I can start lifting again; it's generally a few days until I start flexing and working the elbow; it's generally a sling for several weeks... But if you know me at all, you know that general information doesn't settle my mind. I'm the plan-girl. I thrive on the details. It's a form of control for me in a situation that's otherwise out of my control. And I'm feeling a wee bit out of control at the moment. The PA, Kelly Rhodus, was incredibly helpful and understood my mental state (lol), so she helped me draw up a kind of 'worst-case-scenario' picture. I see much yogurt in my future ;-) and possibly a computer program like Dragon.

So... I'll be working on my list of clean eats to have handy, clean eats for the family to eat while I'm out of commission, and trying to figure out how to pack up a house with one arm ;-) October was slated for the beginning of the weed and work stage... weeding through all the STUFF we've managed to accumulate over the years, and pack up the boxes of what we're keeping. What goes into storage? What stays in the house? All that fun stuff. I'll do as much as I can pre-surgery, but boy it's coming up quick! 11 days away! Yikes!

The remodel is truckin' right along. We were able to barter for the installation of the doors with the appliances we removed.The previous owners had remodeled the kitchen prior to sale - the appliances (oven/stove and dishwasher) are top of the line but they weren't practical for me - for instance, the oven has an infrared grill on top, standard oven on the bottom, but in order to remove anything from the oven, I had to get down on my hands and knees... too low. Not ok. So we found a fabulous oven that has the convection air and infrared grill built into the actual oven (single door). Sweet! Anyway - so we traded those out and Tom will be tearing down walls on Friday ;-) We've got a 4-panel sliding door going into the living room, and a 2-panel slider going into the master. Can't wait!

Also this last week, the last of the pool fencing (the posts) was removed and the huge play equipment was taken out (a friend is donating it to a local church), and the backyard looks even bigger! Woot! The bathroom faucets all arrived this week, as did the pendant lighting for the kitchen island and the hall wall-sconce. It's so freakin' cool to see the pieces and so hard to wait to see the whole picture! LOL! We settled on the flooring design for the master bath, Dad started building the frame for the tub and got all the plumbing done... I cannot wait to see it finished!!!

The only fly in our ointment, lol, is the kitchen cabinetry. Our guy is crazy busy, and there have been delays. We're supposed to physically sign a cabinet door to confirm that the order is correct, then it goes into processing... however, we can't seem to nail him down to go and actually sign the door. ARGH. Then, part of the cabinetry is this beautiful wooden hood... turns out it's hood only, so we have to buy the fan/vent. No problem, we thought. BIG problem. Finding just the fan/vent is a nightmare - and we finally learned that what we're looking for is "custom". Really starting to hate that word. Know what "custom" means? It means you're gonna pay 3-5 times MORE for it! We're actually considering buying a regular hood and ripping out the guts then installing that into our hood, lol! We'll see. Obviously construction isn't one of my strengths ;-)

Here are a few pics from the last week or so...

Moving the kitchen plumbing

The cabinetry plans! Woot!! 

This used to be a small walk-in closet, now it's opened up and the tub will go in that corner :-)

Used to be the shower and separate tub. Now it's going to be a double shower. We'll use glass block for that window.

Can ya tell I'm trying to not thinking about surgery? lol! Focus on the remodel! Dream home! Woot!

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