Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Champion Performance Recipe of the Week - The BEST Two-Ingredient Recipes, Part III

Ready for more tasty 2-ingredient recipes? I've got them! These are designed to fit the bodybuilder/athlete competition diet - they're low sodium, low-to-no-sugar, high protein and low carb. And they're geared to make all that chicken you're eating actually taste good!

Italian Chicken
serves 1 (increase recipe as needed)

1 chicken breast
1/2 cup Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray a baking dish with cooking oil (I like olive oil for this).
Place raw chicken in dish, top with crushed tomatoes and bake at 350 until meat thermometer reads 165 degrees, or meat is cooked all the way through (no pink).

NUTRITION per 6 oz serving: 234 calories, 38 grams protein, 10 grams carbs, 4 grams fat, 2 grams fiber. 8 grams net carbs.

TIPS:  Increase or decrease serving size of chicken per your own dietary needs. Make extras for future meals! Add sliced mushrooms, Mrs. Dash Italian Medley , basil, diced peppers, garlic, zucchini, onion... You can freely add veggies to this and make it even more nutrient rich! Focus on high-water content veggies and add away! Serve over a bed of baby spinach! If it's a carb-meal, serve with baked potato or Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta Rotelle (Gluten Free)! Top with fresh shaved Parmesan if you've got room for it!

Salsa Chicken (crockpot!)
makes about 4 servings

1 jar Newman's Own Medium Salsa, 16 Ounce
4 chicken breasts

Add chicken to slow cooker and pour salsa over it.
Cook on low about 4 hours, or high for about 2 (meat will shred easily when cooked).

Per 6 oz serving: 229 calories, 36 grams protein, 7 grams carbs, 4 grams fat, 4 grams fiber. 3 grams net carbs.

TIPS: Serve with black beans or brown rice. Shred some of the chicken for easy tacos, taco salads, quesadilla's, burritos and more! Need a great low-carb, high fiber tortilla? Check out   La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortillas (Regular Size) .

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