Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm back... sort of.

Typing is iffy, so please forgive any typos in this post. Monday dawned too bright and too early. I was scheduled for check in at the surgery center at 1:15pm, so my hopes of sleeping away my hunger and thirst burst like an overfilled balloon. Wide awake, I did busy work, even readied dinner in the crockpot - probably not my best idea as soon the house was filled with the scent of a yummy ham and potato casserole. Hangry. Lol. Finally at 12:30 we headed out.

The surgery center was great - they got me in and settled quickly, leaving me little time to think about being nervous. The nurse who put in my IV was the best ever! Hardly felt it! I wrote on my arm in sharpie (left handed, lol), then the doctor initialed it, the anesthesiologist hooked me up and away we went. My surgery lasted all of 20 minutes. Crazy! Though we don't know much yet, my post op appt is next week, we do know that the tendon was successfully stitched back together, debris removed, and he didn't have to reattach to bone (yay!). Ironically, my recovery nurse recognized me from Dec. 2010 when I had my knee fixed. Lol!

Yesterday was mostly sleeping and pill popping, though I did manage to dress myself (pajamas, but still), and I made my own lunch (probably not the best idea). Then my replacement phone arrived. For those of you who didn't see it on facebook, I dropped my phone on sunday and the touchscreen stopped working. Major booo. I made my claim through Asurion (Sprint's 3rd party) and they sent out a replacement (after charging me a huge deductible). Let's just say what they consider "comparable" and "equivalent" is a freaking joke. JOKE. The hubby got home, and we headed out to the Sprint store to contest it. After much drama (I'm meaner when I'm in pain and on drugs) I finally won the war and my new comparable and equivalent phone will arrive this morning ;-)

Yesterday was my son's 22nd birthday and he stopped by to visit for a bit. 22 years. His sister, Shiloh, posted a wonderful photo collage on facebook for him and it was so sweet - until she said, Let's remind Mom how old she is. Lol! You can always count on your kids, right? ;-)

Today I have more range of motion and am one day away from being able to remove the bandages. I'm still trying to scrub off the betadyne, but the oompa-loompa look is in, right? ;-)  The swelling has gone down enough that I can peek under the wrap and see the bandages, trying to figure out how big my scar will be, lol. I peeked until I saw a long piece of stitching then got the heebeejeebees.

It hurts. Not gonna lie. It's more pain than after my knee surgery, which surprised me. I felt like I finally got a handle on the pain yesterday, then never felt my 7pm dose kick in (good bad or otherwise) so off to sleep I went. Made it to 3:30am when apparently ALL the drugs exited my system and wow - it was rough.  Scavenging through the freezers for a frozen-enough ice pack, taking a full dose, then sucking down a bunch of water - it took about an hour and a half for the ice and drugs to help. Note to self... don't skip doses. Period.

Bethany has a doctor appt today, so this afternoon I'll be riding shotgun, lol, and hopefully we'll have some answers for her. She's already feeling the benefits of being mostly gluten-free, so that's a blessing. I've laid out two sets of clothing and hopefully can get myself into one of them. Gotta figure out how to wash my hair, lol. And do makeup... oy!

Hopefully I'll be up enough to also go visit the new house. Mom sent me pics yesterday of the work they've done and I can't wait to see it in person!

Ok, it's taken me way too long to type this, lol, so I'm going back to my movies and elevating my elbow. Kinda kinks the shoulder, lol. Crap. I just realized I can't remember if I took my 7:30 am dose. Dagnabbit! Forget the movie, I'm off to count pills. ;-)

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