Sunday, October 13, 2013

Twas the Night Before Surgery...

...and all through the house, ALL the creatures were stirring in panic and general insanity. Ok, not really. It's just me. Lol. My meal plan for the coming week is nearly set. The laundry is about to go in. Everything I have any control over is being addressed, but it's the things I don't have control of that are needling at me. Will I be able to type? If not, Bethany can take dictation, lol. Will I be able to prepare meals? If not, Bethany and Bill can load up the crockpot with the meals I'm prepping today. Will I be able to feed myself with my right arm? Hmmm. No idea. It's incredibly frustrating to not know how limited I'll be.

I know that I'll be able to shower immediately, I just have to wrap up the elbow first... but will I be able to shampoo my hair? Shave my legs? Now that I think about it, that's probably not a good idea anyway, lol. Let's limit the chance of bloodspill and just take leg-shaving off the table, eh? ;-)

Ya'll know I just don't do well without a plan. I'm not a wing it sort of person. I'm the anal retentive gal who creates full notebooks for every event, from family parties to trips to remodeling (lol) to (you guessed it) surgeries. And here I am again, on the eve of surgery, but my notebook is noticeably empty. There's no plan. No way of knowing.

So... I just have to (try to) put it out of my head and roll forward.

The remodel is moving along. It's incredible to see it come together! My parents and Jordan are working so hard and it's awesome!!! By the end of this next week, the master bath will be ready for tile! What??? Holy Cow!! Wednesday the cabinetry for the bathroom will be delivered, and with any luck (please, God) the sliding doors in the living room and master bedroom will be installed. That's been a bit of a struggle. The guy we bartered with for the installation hasn't made it to the house yet. He's promised that he'll start Monday and be done by Wednesday.

The bedroom we're transforming into a walk-in closet for the master has been closed in. The former entry/doorway has been framed in as my new linen closet and it looks great! The kitchen bookcase/nook got its LED lighting and it's fabulous!! All the other lighting fixtures for the house are ready and waiting. Even the hall sconce which took me FOREVER to choose, lol.

See that back wall? That's (at the very left) the doorway then the living room window. That will be a 4-panel french sliding glass door. The next windows you see on the right are the master bedroom windows, and that will be a slider-door. Oh, and the playground you see on the back right - that's gone (it was donated to a church), so that area looks so much bigger! Also, the dog yard is done - the side of the house behind the master bedroom has a nice big tree and large grassy area ideal for a dog yard when we need it, so we reused the pool fencing and it's all complete, just waiting for our future puppies ;-)

Once the sliding doors are in and done, we can do the other things that have been waiting... drywall taping, prep for paint, paint, and then (yay!) putting down the floors. I really, really want to be able to help with that. I've been so anxious to see our wood floors in! And I want so much to be able to DO something, lol. Anyway, so once that's done, the kitchen cabinetry goes in. The island and counter tops are going to be stunning! Bill took me to the warehouse yesterday to show me how it's coming along and he thinks he's got all the kinks worked out. I can't wait to see it finished!

Yeah, I'm trying to distract myself by thinking about the remodel. Lol. I've also packed up a ton of books, the office, and we've cleared out the garage. There is still a ton of packing to be done, and other projects to be completed. We're aiming for December 1st to move in... cross your fingers!

There was something odd we learned this weekend... the washer and dryer were delivered and Mom and Dad got them installed yesterday - they're so pretty! :-)  Well, in testing them out we discovered that they're really super quiet - which is awesome, but also that instead of a buzzer or whatnot to signal the end of the cycle, the machine sings. Yes. I said sings. It plays a lovely little tune that doesn't stop until it's good and ready to stop. Seriously. How odd is that? Lol!!

Anywho... I'd better get myself together and hit the grocery store. We're also moving my youngest back to a Gluten Free diet (her choice, btw!), so shopping will take a bit longer today ;-) I'd better get to it. Hopefully I'll have a post-surgery blog sooner than later ;-) Wish me luck!!

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