Monday, October 28, 2013

Where are the words?

This last weekend was... horrible. I struggle to find words to describe it. What was to be a fun filled time was shattered by personal tragedy, leaving all of us trembling in its wake. Could it have been worse? Of course. No lives were lost, but that doesn't diminish the depth of trauma that occurred. Amid the joy of of having my daughter and her husband with us for a birthday celebration, a freak accident changed lives in a heartbeat. No one was left untouched. We hurt, we grieved, we feared, and as we huddled together throughout the night, we did what families do - we loved, we comforted, we prayed.

In times of crisis true natures are revealed. While I have loved my son-in-law from the beginning, through this weekend I saw a core of strength, maturity and compassion in him that was beautiful. My beloved daughter holds my heart, and I saw that same strong center in her - wrapping her arms and love around her friend - literally holding her together. I saw my parents, strong and constant, honorable and supporting. Friends and family stood together throughout, holding tight.  They made me proud. They made me steady. They helped me stand in for a mother who was over a thousand miles away - a mother who I know would have stood in for me, had it been my child hurt.

But, I also saw bitter meltdowns, loved ones viciously lashing out in fear, cruelty and sorrow, causing unnecessary pain and damage. I hope those bonds will heal.

When something happens that's outside of our control, there's no one, and nothing, to blame. There's nothing to point a finger at, no one to demand retribution of. It just is. For most of us, there is no choice but to continue to walk through the fire. We'll all be marked, changed forever. Hopefully we'll all be stronger, too. Forged by that flame, made more than what we were.

Scar tissue is one of the strongest substances in existence. Once it forms, it's stronger than the original muscle, tendon, even bone. We all bear scars - physical and emotional, visible and hidden. I've learned to wear mine proudly. They make me who I am. They show me to be an overcomer, a warrior. They're proof I survive and thrive. It is my fervent prayer that this sweet, beautiful young woman finds strength and pride in her own. I pray that peace, hope and thankfulness rise and reign. I pray for wisdom and grace to walk the road ahead, for all of us.


  1. Chelle, I am so sorry to hear of this! I truly hope everyone will be okay. You have an amazing, strong family! What a blessing that is!

    1. Thank you, Kristie! Your words are deeply appreciated!

  2. Chelle, Thinking of you and your family and hoping all is well. Stay strong.