Friday, November 15, 2013

A Hodgepodge of Hodgepodgeyness

It's Friday! Random news time ;-)

I had my post-op appointment with Dr. Martin yesterday morning... he cleared me! Completely! I've done my own physical therapy and did a good enough job that I am now released on my own recognizance. Bwahaha! ;-) He said I'm free to increase activity "as tolerated". Well, doc... I can tolerate an awful lot! Seriously though... I've been, and will continue to be, careful. I'm also free to start rolling the scar (yay!), and I can use my TENS unit, too! I've missed my TENS. ;-)

Back home, I began the process of testing the material we're hoping to use for my kitchen magnet/chalkboard. I had gone to Home Depot, picked up all my goodies, then set up to roll...

I'd forgotten to get stir-sticks, so an extra wooden spoon came in handy. See how neat and clean my work area is? Didn't last. I applied several coats of the magnetic primer, and was pretty darn happy to see that it's holding well to the material. We were afraid the surface would be too smooth and the paint would peel off. So far so good...

This morning, I headed out to apply the chalkboard paint. What I should have done was gone back to bed instead. This time I had a couple stir-sticks, but they didn't help me.

It seems that before shaking a can of paint, one should first be sure the lid is properly secured. Ahem. I did not do that. I simply shook. Then wore. Then swore. ;-) It was quite the mess, and though I'm sure being a human chalkboard has its uses, I was not interested. Much scrubbing ensued.

See? Should have gone back to bed. But... it's looking like this material will be just right. I have a tall cabinet right of the fridge at the new house, and we're placing a magnetic/chalk panel over the cabinet door. It's going to be awesome! This is what inspired me...


Last night's dinner was an experiment that turned out particularly well ;-) I did an olive chicken, and made a mushroom israeli couscous risotto. Both recipes are keepers! I'll be sharing those here, soon! Yumm!

Next up, in the random news department...  last weekend we had the joy of spending some fun time with Lauren and her parents. It's hard to believe how much she's grown! She's so beautiful, and so happy. Her joy just radiates! I cried a few happy tears, listening to her say mama and dada, watching them interact so beautifully as a family, all of us playing with her on the slide, making faces and giggling. It was wonderful! At one point she was playing with the camera on my phone and managed to take several pictures of herself - she even used the 'burst' setting (which is far too technical for me to do on purpose, lol). When we were home, Bill and I were going over the photos and saw an icon that was unfamiliar... I clicked it, and turns out, Google+ does some kind of "auto awesome" deal, where it stitches burst photos into animation. OMG, it was so cute!!

Then, later, I was sharing the photos with my Mom, and saw another weird icon... I pushed it and nothing happened. Huh. Eventually, we were ready for bed, and as I stepped into the living room to turn off the TV (kids, yeesh), I was stunned to find myself staring at one of the photos from my phone - ON MY TV. WHAT???? Evidently my phone is pretty darn awesome, lol! I finally figured it out and we watched a whole slide show, right there on the big screen! Now, some of you may be going, "really? did you just climb out from under a rock?" The answer is... maybe. ;-)

Oh, and I figured out how to use my tablet as a remote and can now mess with Bill by turning on and off the TV. Bwahahaha!

And in other news... as we head toward Thanksgiving, I would normally be planning out my menu, sourcing my ingredients, and so on. But... with the move, we're kind of between houses. The new one won't be ready to do the holiday over there, and the rental we're in now is packed full of boxes. Hmmm. So... this year we're going casual. Uber casual, actually. This year there will be no wrestling with turkeys. In fact, I'm ordering in the whole shindig. Sprouts offers ready-to-serve meals, and I'm grateful. With everything going on, we're going to focus on family time. We'll have all the kids home, my parents here, possibly a few more family & friends - and we'll enjoy our time together while eating off of paper plates and sitting on boxes. ;-) I'm ok with that. This year. Next year I plan on going all out in my new awesome kitchen! Turkey's be warned.

So, speaking of the holiday - and all that food... 
Unfortunately, the holiday season has become synonymous with gluttony and weight gain. It doesn't have to be that way. Yes, you can enjoy your holiday meals, the treats, and you can still stay on track! I've posted about this before, and thought I'd share it again here. If you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, the holiday season does not have to strike fear in your heart.

YOU are in control

Here are my tips ;-)

Solving the Dilemma of Holiday Eating
It's Almost Thanksgiving

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  1. Oh my gosh, that chalk board paint all over you! I can only imagine the SHOCK as you shook that can! That is so wonderful that you guys get to spend time with Lauren. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. It sounds like you have the emphasis on the right thing....FAMILY!