Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Champion Performance Recipe of the Week ~ Anti-Shoe Leather Chicken

You're working hard. You're eating clean. You're hitting PR's and busting through plateaus. And chances are... you're eating a LOT of chicken. You can grill it, bake it, steam it... it's still chicken. Today's recipe is one of my standards. I use it often in my weekly one-day food prep, and it's super easy to tweak, to add flavor, to change flavor. You won't get bored with this one, and you won't feel like you're chewing shoe leather. ;-) The buttermilk is key - don't skip it. It doesn't add any fat to the chicken. As soon as you add that buttermilk, its enzymes go to work tenderizing the meat. The end result is a moist, flavorful, versatile protein you can use any way you like. Put it in a wrap, eat it out of a baggie, toss it in with steamed veggies, add to a salad. Whatever floats your boat. Further... you can cook it however you like - bake, grill, steam... go for it!

Chelle's Buttermilk Chicken
makes 4 4-oz servings (increase as needed)
Baked with fresh tarragon, lemon, lemon thyme, 
sage & rosemary

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast*
1.5 cups buttermilk
1 lemon
4 cloves garlic

Zest the lemon (grate the yellow rind) and put the rest of the lemon in a baggie in the fridge. You'll use what's left when it's time to cook.
Mince the garlic
Place chicken breasts in a gallon size ziploc. Add the lemon zest, garlic and buttermilk. Seal bag and mush it to mix and spread the marinade.
Marinate 2-24 hours.

Bake:  Preheat oven to 350.
Spray a baking dish with cooking oil.
Place chicken breasts in pan, discard marinade.
Bake 20-30 minutes or until meat thermometer reads 165 degrees and meat is not pink in the center.

Tips: Grill, steam, or cook it however you like.  For added flavor, chop fresh rosemary, basil, thyme, dill, or other herb and add to marinade.
*Chicken - the more natural your chicken is, the less sodium you'll get. Look for all-natural, hormone free, injection free chicken.

per 4 oz serving: 129 calories, 24 grams protein, 0 carbs, 3 grams fat, 70 mg sodium.

Add any herbs you like!



finished, baked.

finished, grilled

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