Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing.... Sadie!

What a weekend!! Friday, we packed up and rolled out. It took 11.5 hours to get to Sacramento and I was bouncing in anticipation the whole way! On the road, we read over a whole bunch of helpful info sent to us from Kathrine Breeden (behaviorist), we learned more about what to expect initially with our rescue and how best to integrate her into our home. We'll be meeting with her in person, too, for a behavior analysis and more advice.

Because the trip was seriously fly-by, lol, we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to, but we did get to have dinner with my sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and cousin (who were all there when the dog came wandering in from the cold), and we also spent a bit of time with some of Bill's family. Wish we could have stayed longer and visited with everyone!

Saturday, we just couldn't wait any longer. We were waiting at the door of the Shelter when they opened, lol! We knew the dog wouldn't be ready for release until late afternoon, but figured we'd at least get the paperwork out of the way. Which we did. And while we did, Syl (my sis), her kids and Davin (my cousin) all wandered out into the available dogs area while they waited for us. It's heartbreaking out there. So many dogs, some of whom had been waiting in the shelter for a long time. And so incredibly many pitbulls. Seriously heartbreaking.

Our dog had already been sedated for surgery, so we didn't get to meet her yet. We ran out for a quick bite, then back because Syl adopted her own dog! ;-)

Here we are with our adoption papers, lol!

We ended up spending pretty much the whole day at the shelter on Front Street. I was impressed with them, all the way around. The shelter was clean, well organized, and the workers really care about the animals. So... then it was time... She was out of surgery, awake (sort of), and ready to leave.
Davin and I with Sylvia's new dog

Yes. I cried. She is so beautiful! So sweet! We'd had a list of names ready, waiting to see which best suited her, and Sadie won - the name means Mercy, and it just fits her right down to the ground. Davin posted a video on my facebook page if you want to see when we first met our Sadie.

Sadie weighed 114 lbs when the shelter began caring for her. When we got her, she'd already gained 3 lbs! The vet said he'd be surprised if, once she's back to healthy weight, she's less than 140 lbs.

We took her back to the hotel, walking her down the hallway to our room. She had on her cone and resembled a drunken sailor, lol! Wobble and weave all the way down. Once we got her settled in it became obvious we wouldn't be moving far from her side. She had to have one of us touching her at all times or she'd become agitated. Finally she fell asleep on her bed, and we crashed. The next morning, I woke to find her staring at me from the side of my bed waiting for an invitation to jump up. We cuddled then got up to get ready and discovered she had eaten her paperwork. lol. Evidently something that large can move pretty darn quietly.

We loaded up and headed back to AZ.

Along the way, we learned that she rides in the car very well, but desperately wants to be in the front seat (not happening, lol). I got a serious arm workout keeping her "back". She'd settle down then lay her head on the armrest between Bill and I, enjoying strokes and pats, then it'd start all over again. Hahaha! She did great on the leash when we'd stop for breaks, and we also learned that cheeseburgers are her very favorite food. LOL! She wouldn't touch the dog food or treats, but she'd gobble up a cheeseburger (with her pills stuffed inside, lol).

She also slobbers. A lot. ;-)

We got home (finally!), and the kids pulled Winnie (my son's pit) aside, so we could walk Sadie right through to the backyard. While she was out there (with the door closed), Winnie decided he wanted to meet her and pushed his nose against the glass. It didn't go well. We kept them separated, giving each of them something with the other dog's scent (to help adjust), and went to bed. Sadie didn't quite understand that we humans tend to get our sleep in one long piece, lol, so Bill had a bit of a chat with her this morning. ;-)

We also had a few issues with dominance last night. I had to keep getting up (to be taller than her) and pushing her back down. After about the 20th time, lol, she finally submitted to me, laying down and baring her neck. Haven't had to address it since.

I'm Sorry.
This morning we've continued with the separations and scent familiarity... taking turns with having free roam of the house and yard. When it's not Sadie's turn, she's locked in my room with me while I work. There have been a few moments when she and Winnie end up on opposite sides of my door... let's just say it's been exciting. I've also learned a bit more about her previous training, which helps control this, but it would have been nice to know before the carpet had to give up the ghost. Lol.

She's settling in. She's very stressed, of course, but she's warm and friendly with the kids (and she's starting to at least wag her tail when she barks at Winnie). She loves to be petted and loved on. She's chewing on her bully stick and bone (chewing releases endorphins that calm dogs - thank you, Kathrine for this info!). She's eaten a bit, and managed more at lunch. I cooked her up some ground chicken with peppers, eggs and brown rice. Several small meals a day as we nurse her back to healthy weight. Right now she's laying beside me and snoring like a lumberjack, with a growing puddle of slobber under her cheek. :-)

Sadie has a loving and safe new home, and I'm a happy camper!


  1. =D
    So adorable!!!
    And I hope the "destructive" phase passes quickly, lol

  2. I had a mastiff just like her once, my Baby Doll has long since passed, but it was nice to read about your new baby and be reminded... Thanks.