Friday, November 1, 2013

It's November 1. Do You Know Where Your Candy Is?

Did ya'll have lots of trick-or-treaters last night? We had a whopping 6. Our neighborhood is strangely quiet on Halloween. Don't know why, as there are lots of kids around here, but there it is. Weird. There was one standout group... several teen boys dressed as characters from Breaking Bad were walking around handing out bags of blue rock candy. Hysterical, in a sick twisted way. Lol!

I have a very large bowl of leftover candy. See that bowl? That's what's left! Ugh. And yes, I've been asked by several people, I do hand out candy. The good stuff, too ;-) Milky Way, Snickers, Twix, DumDums, Twizzlers, Butterfinger... you get the idea. Treats are treats. That said, I had one piece of candy yesterday. A strawberry twizzler. I usually allow myself a few treats (ahem, maybe a few and then a few more, lol) on Halloween, but I just wasn't feeling it. I did, however, greatly enjoy a new holiday treat... Gingerbread Kahlua and Milk (2%) over ice. Seriously yummy.  I'll take that over candy, hands down!
In a glass of ice, add 1 part Kahlua Gingerbread to 2 parts 2% or skim milk. Stir.  I would imagine that unsweetened vanilla almond milk could replace the milk in this, but I haven't tried it (yet). 
As some of you may remember, Halloween is a particularly special holiday for me as it's my own personal Independence Day. We celebrated quietly, enjoying the evening and each other. We're still recovering, emotionally and physically, from last weekend. I swear I've aged 10 years in the last week - most of it last Friday. Thankfully, our sweet young friend is recovering well, healing, and adjusting. The trauma still haunts us all. Things can happen in just the blink of an eye and it takes so much longer to come to terms, to accept, to adjust, to fight through. As an old friend says, it seems like "the dumptruck of life is parked on my front lawn".  In addition to the injury I referred to, that same weekend several of the kids' friends were involved in car accidents. No one was badly hurt, thankfully. Then there was another horrible accident this week. Dumptruck, indeed.

My elbow is healing nicely. I mentioned on facebook, but neglected to share here - last Thursday (my birthday) I saw my surgeon for the post-op appointment. He not only cleared me, he cleared me without going to physical therapy! He said that I'd do better with the rehab on my own than going and being bored at the therapist's office! He stated that he knew I'd push when pushing was needed, and trusted that I'd listen to my body. It's a beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing when my doctor trusts me to get the job done. :-) I spent the whole rest of the day doing my happy dance - to my husband's embarrassment and dismay. ;-)

I have been faithfully doing my exercises, gradually increasing my range of motion. This week I was even able to add weight to my PT work. Woot! Not gonna lie - rehab sucks. It sucks and it hurts. But I'm much more aware (could it be all the vast experience I have with injury?) of the difference between "OW! Something's WRONG!" pain and "OW! I have to work on this!" pain. We joke around here that my newest catch-phrase is "Too Soon!". Lol! But I'm happy with my progress and can't wait to get back to 'real' lifting!

The outside stitches are out, and the inside ones are dissolving, so I don't need to worry overmuch on those. The last of the steri-strips came off last night - finally! Ok, maybe they had a little help. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.  I'm allergic to adhesive so those were a BEAR! I'm working now on getting rid of the last of the blue sharpie on my arm, lol. The scar looks good, and I'll be glad when it's healed enough to use a foam roller to start breaking up the scar tissue inside so it's not a ridge anymore.

There's still a wee bit of bruising, and some inflammation from the adhesive as you can see, but it's fading well. It's a funky angle, I was trying to get a good shot of the scar but the camera makes my elbow and forearm look HUGE. Can you say, Popeye? LOL.  But... the most important part... the pre-surgery pain is GONE!!! Woooohoooo!!!!

Now that the sling is gone and I've got a bit of strength back in that arm, my balance has improved enough to do mild cardio. I never would have thought that having one arm out of commission would rock my balance so much! I still don't have enough strength in that arm to catch myself should something go wrong, hence the 'mild cardio'.  Not that I'm saying something could, or ever has, gone wrong when I've been on a cardio machine. Oh, no. Not me. (Yes, this is sarcasm, lol).  This next week better watch out, though, because I'm charging up my workout iPod and getting ready to BOOM! ;-)  Speaking of my workout iPod... did ya'll see that I uploaded the November workout / cardio playlist? It's up! Woot! I love, love, love having fresh new tunes to drive me through my workouts.

The house remodel continues on... the master bath is going to be incredible! Dad got the glass block done in the window and it's phenomenal! The shower is ready for tile, and the vent/fan is in over the new tub. The patio door in the master has been installed, and Dad has the trim ready to go around both the master and living room sliders (exterior). This weekend the last of the drywall taping/patching/whatnot should be finished, so next week looks like paint and tile time! The kitchen cabinetry is delayed - again. The rock & glass arrived this week, so Bill is ready to get to work on my kitchen counters, then we have to finalize the mix for the master bathroom counter. I'm really, really (REALLY) hoping that my recovery continues smoothly so that I can help install the wood floors. It's hard to not be able to physically get my hands in and help. BUT - I've got the best in the biz doing the work and it's absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to share more photos with you! :-)

Here's hoping for a quiet, peaceful, uneventful and un-traumatic weekend. ;-)

Asking for just one quiet weekend without crisis - that's not too much, right?   ;-)

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