Monday, November 4, 2013

Transformation In Progress...

I have someone to share with you today and I'm pretty darn excited about it! The first year (Feb. 2011) I attended The Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio as an Eat Clean Diet Ambassador, I had the pleasure of meeting Don and Melanie. They were waiting in line to meet Tosca Reno as I worked the booth, and we got to chatting. Since then, they've become wonderful friends and an important part of my personal support network. We've stayed in touch, encouraged each other on our journeys, and we even got to meet up again in person at this last Arnold. :-)

Those of you who have been here for some time, will remember the 12-Week Transformation Study we did here at Recipe For Fitness in 2011/2012. An important aspect of that study involved you all... you sent in your support and encouragement, and we posted it on a special page for our participants. Don & Melanie were right there through the whole process with words of empowerment for our ladies.

Today starts a whole new Transformation... Melanie's. She has bravely and graciously (and not without trepidation) agreed to share her journey with you. She has a goal, she has a plan, and she has all of us. Here's how it's going to unfold... Each month, Melanie will set her goals.  As a Custom Plan client, she will receive meal plans from me along with regular contact and Skype sessions allowing us to work together as a team to ensure her success. We'll tweak where it's needed, make changes and turns where required, and we'll steadily and consistently move her toward her goals.

How is her journey any different from my other Custom Plan clients? Quite simply - she's sharing it - through this blog, her facebook, my facebook, and any other media that seems appropriate. That's a little scary, right? Putting yourself out there. Letting EVERYONE see where you are, and watch as you travel to where you're going. Takes guts. Takes faith. Takes absolute commitment. Melanie has all three. Plus... there's a twist. Keep reading...

So... what's her story?  Melanie is a hospice nurse and a personal trainer. She's constantly on the go, working with dedication and compassion. Long hours and a lot of time in the car are trademarks of her days. In addition to her nursing and training, she and her husband enjoy cycling (and they've done some really awesome rides!). She's ready for change. She's ready to take control. And though she quaked in fear when she saw there were no 5-hour energy drinks on the food plan, she trusted me with the path. ;-)

About Melanie
Age: 52
Height: 5'2"
Current Weight: 176.6 lb
Goal Weight: 150 lb
Goal for this next month... 1.5 lb weight loss per week.
Challenges: SUGAR, and convenience food.
Here's the TWIST -
Reward: When Melanie reaches her monthly goal, I refund half her Custom Plan fee for that month.

That's our deal... Melanie pays her Custom Plan Fee, I hold back half of it. When she reaches her monthly goal, I refund that half. No goal reached, no refund. Either way, we move on to the next month.

How's that for motivation?  

Today is Day 1 of her Transformation Journey and Melanie's on her way... yesterday she did her shopping and food prep. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn excited about this! ;-)
Shopping done, time to prep!
There may have been a slight problem
preparing the Cocoa Espresso Bars.

I'm honored to walk beside Melanie on her journey, and I know you all will be supportive as well.
Here we go! ;-) Woooohooo!!!


  1. woo hooo I loved watching the transformation clients and I'm excited to watch Melanie and cheer her on. RFF - making the world a healthier place on client at a time - I love it!

  2. Way to go Melanie, will be cheering you on, following your progress. You will do great :)