Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unexpected Adrenalin Surge... and Off-Base Criticism

'Twas a dark and stormy night... Ok, not really. But we are getting an unacceptable amount of wind. Yeesh. And my son's dog (staying with us while Joey's in Texas on a job) does NOT like the wind. Particularly at 2:30 am. Two nights in a row. Ugh. Plus, the wind is stirring up all the ragweed so my nose is a shiny, red, leaky faucet. Fun stuff. Add in the dust from packing (seriously, when was the last time I dusted these niches?), and I finally broke down and picked up some nasal spray. Stuff burns like acid, but it appears to be helping. Sort of. A little. Better than nothing. I'll take it.

This morning I had my buddy-workout and coffee with Stef. I pushed her through a 40 minute upper body workout and gave her a measly 3 rests. Bwahahaha. ;-) She aced it like the RockStar she is, though I doubt she'll be thinking kind thoughts toward me when she tries to wash her hair tomorrow. Lol.  After the killer workout, we headed next door for our coffee. They know us in there, and met us nearly at the door with our mugs, lol.

We chatted, strategized, did a bit of troubleshooting, then it was time to go. We wandered out the patio door, chatting and meandering toward the parking lot. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this man... he started moving toward us, then in on us, then BOOM, there he was in our faces! Kinda jumped a bit, then saw he was wearing a flak jacket with huge yellow letters on it... FBI.  Say what??? As I looked behind him, I realized that he was just steering us (body-checking, more like, lol) away from where about 10 more flak-jacket wearing FBI agents had someone up against the wall - about 20 feet from us. Nothing like wandering into a Federal sting to get your heart pumping in the morning, lol. I tell ya, it was a moment.

Since my heart was already racing, I drove from Gold's over to Mountainside and put in my time on the Stair-Monster. Extra calorie burn, yeah? ;-)

Unfair Criticism...
While Stef and I were chatting, she mentioned a comment someone had left on her blog post yesterday. A comment from a "physician" that (rightfully) irritated her. Once I got home, I hit up her blog to read it... and I have to say, it pissed me off a wee bit. All of us who have traveled a weight loss and/or fitness journey have dealt with unsolicited advice and opinions. Often advice & opinions that are so far left field to what we're doing and our goals that it can honestly be a bit stunning - kind of the "is this for real?" sort of stuff.

This particular comment falls under the "are you freaking kidding me?" category, with a sub-category of "this is why doctors pay higher liability insurance premiums than I do". Just saying. I cannot fathom the audacity, the sheer ego it takes to jump onto someone's blog and post a comment  basically stating that all their hard work - exercise, activity and excellent & specific nutrition are unnecessary - that the blog owner should simply talk to their physician about "other options".

Are you freaking kidding me? I can take the criticism of me, as Stef's nutritionist - I've got thick skin. But if you're going to criticize then you'd damn well better have your facts straight, and a solid understanding of nutrition and exercise's impact on health and weight, or you can shut the hell up.

Ok. It might have pissed me off more than a bit. I posted a comment on the comment - It took me an hour to edit and refine (and un-bitchify) my wording. I hope I was successful. As a health professional, it's not professional to attack another professional (that's a lot of professionals in one sentence, lol), however I feel that a rebuttal was necessary. I find it incredibly unfair and distasteful that a physician (though we only have her own word on that) would demean the efforts of someone who is making a true lifestyle change, seeing results, and becoming a healthier and happier individual. Not cool.

Makes me wanna...

What's the lesson here? 
Don't mess with my clients. ;-)
Just Sayin'.


  1. These days everyone thinks they are an expert. Besides, if it was a health professional, probably looking for some income through a procedure rather than complimenting someone for doing it the hard way. Jen

    1. darn tootin'! There are no shortcuts to good health and fitness. Period.
      Yeesh. Ok, maybe I'm still a wee bit fired up ;-)

  2. Say whaaaaaa?! I would dump a doctor if they stated something in their professional.opinion and followed it with "just saying". That's coming from the gal that had to learn to eat 2500+ calories to lose fat! Your response was very nice too, way nicer than deserved.