Monday, November 18, 2013

What Day Is It???? Week 2!!!!

Here we are! Week 2 numbers are in and Melanie once again has triumphed!!!! Did she think so when she stepped on the scale and saw a loss of .4 lb? Nope. Did she think so once she spent some time mulling it over? YES.

If you follow (or have ever followed) Biggest Loser, you know about the dreaded Week 2 Curse. Contestants make great progress in week 1 (due to the extreme shock of routine and nutrition & exercise changes), then week 2 they pull "measly" numbers. Why? Is it because they didn't work hard enough? Is it because they binged and went off plan? NO. I'll oversimplify the science behind this "curse" and just say that the body adjusts really fast - and doesn't want to shed fat. The body wants to hoard it - particularly when the physical demand (calories out) is higher than the nutritional intake (calories in). When this happens, weight loss slows.

It's normal. It's ok. It's temporary. And further.... ANY LOSS IS STILL A LOSS.

So, am I making this face?

Let me say a big, emphatic, "NO".
Instead... I am making this face:

Melanie rocked her plan. She rocked her workouts. She rocked the adjustments and breaks in rhythm when the unexpected happened. And... she even rocked her treat meal! (Last week we had to have a chat about what a treat meal entailed, lol - hint... it's not making dinner-out-choices fit the meal plan.)

Melanie dropped .4 lbs. This is a victory! She fought her body's desire to hoard fat and she won. I'm so incredibly proud of her!!!

So what's Melanie have to say? Here it is in her own words...

Chelle....Chelle....What Day is it??? Come on Chelle you know.....Don, Don, Don, tell me.......IT'S WEIGH IN DAY.....174.0.....DOWN .4#...
It's the BIGGEST LOSER IN THE NEWCOMER HOUSE!!!!!  If you have ever watched the Biggest Loser as I do weekly you know week #2 plays havoc on those players.....well guess what...... it really does.
This second week has really been a challenge. I felt I was more prepared with our menu of clean meals, But I found myself still having trouble getting those calories down and then it hit!!!!! The stomach begins to growl. I worked my butt off in the calorie burn for approx 10 hours of workouts 3171 calories with just my heart monitor on. In 42:25 I did a 400 calorie burn doing a challenge of 1000 rope slams and flipping a tire 100 times. So when I saw .4# my heart sank a little...
Which then leads me to the CONTROL FACTOR....So what do you do?????? YOU FACE IT HEAD ON!!!!!
You STICK TO THE PLAN and CONTINUE ONE DAY AT A TIME....Okay I AM going to look at my loss of .4#  AS A HUGE SUCCESS!!!! IT'S A TOTAL OF 2.6# in 2 weeks... BREAK IT DOWN ... 1.3# per week my goal is 1.5#  AND I AM OKAY WITH IT.   
It's is also a MENTAL GAME!!!!! and you HAVE TO BE IN THE GAME!!!! With this being said....I HAVE SET UP SOME CONTROL RULES:(It's a sickness I know)1. YOU WEIGH YOURSELF ONE TIME A WEEK. ITS TOO TEMPTING TO GET ON THOSE SCALES DAILY (okay so I had Don actually hide the scales this week) Yes, its my way of FACING IT HEAD ON!2. You have to eat those calories to lose!!!!! I really don't think that's going to be a problem anymore.3. Drink that water!!!! And it's okay to spend your morning in the bathroom!And #4....You give yourself a TREAT MEAL WEEKLY and ENJOY IT!!!!And I did.... 
My body is going thru a lot of changes and I want to keep it guessing. Chelle, you really spoke to me last week when we did our Skype how important this is to do. I want to make sure we share with others on why it is!!!!

So what's all this about a treat meal? Ya'll have heard me talk before about it. The treat meal is not an excuse to binge, and it's not a whole day. It's one meal. One meal out of (7 days x 6 meals =) 42 meals in a week. I recommend a weekly treat meal because of the science behind it... A treat or weekly treat meal can have a beneficial metabolic effect in the presence of consistent clean eating and exercise. One of those benefits is reducing the probability of a plateau (EWWW! The "P" word!). This is because the randomness of the content of a treat meal (when compared to a consistent clean eating plan) can shake up and keep the metabolism guessing. There's more, but that's the gist of it.

Another benefit is mental... when you have a treat meal to look forward to, it's hugely helpful in warding off cravings and feelings of deprivation. NOT that my meal plans have anything to do with deprivation - again, 6 meals, 7 days a week - and the meals are tasty. ;-) Just sayin'. But, back to my point... anytime you're focused on nutrition with a goal to reach, there's an opportunity to feel like you can't have what you want. But you can. If you plan for it, enjoy it in moderation, and savor each and every bite and sip. Then get right back on plan.

Melanie nailed the treat meal in week 2 - she ordered what she wanted, ate what she enjoyed in moderation (and I'm just a wee bit jealous of the 1/2 slice caramelized cheesecake!), and got right back to the plan. KUDOS!!!

Week 3 has begun, and she has a new plan to follow. We made some adjustments based on taste and tolerance (if it doesn't fit you and your lifestyle, the chances of you sticking with it are, oh, NILL). We've discovered foods she likes and can fuel with consistently, and other foods that can wear out their welcome (red pepper slices, lol). We adjust as we go, tweaking as needed. Her exercise routines are awesome, and lemme tell ya... she's a BEAST!!! I look forward to more great progress this week, and am grateful she's so willing to share her journey with all of you!

Here we go!!


  1. Great work Meanie! Keep it up, the mental part truly is difficult, you can do it!!! :)

  2. Great job, Melanie! You are an inspiration!

  3. Way to go! The second week is such a mind game - well done for the win!