Monday, November 25, 2013

What Day Is It???? Week 3 Transformation Results!

Two Words.... Awesome-Sauce!!! Melanie flew through week 3 with her goal in sight, her food prepped and ready, and her workouts designed to fell lesser mortals.
And she ROCKED it!!!

Starting Weight:  176.6

Week 1 Results:  174.4  LOST 2.2 lbs
Week 2 Results:  174   LOST  .4 lbs
Week 3 Results...... Drumroll please..... 171.6  LOST 2.4 lbs!!!!!

Can I hear a big WOOOOOHOOOOOO??????



I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin... somebody's on FIRE!!!  :-)

As we skyped tonight to recap the week, Melanie shared her concerns about this week... Holiday Eating. Do those two words make you cringe? If so, you're not alone. The holidays are fraught with temptation, pressure, and the sheer volume of food that won't help you reach your goals. So what do you do??

I've shared here over the last few years, my thoughts on holiday eating. It doesn't have to be cringe-worthy. It doesn't have to be scary. And it doesn't have to knock you off your rails. If you are facing this holiday season while striving to reach a weight loss goal, then take a deep breath - ok, now another one - and let's chat.

First... YOU are in CONTROL. Always.
There is no holiday food available to you that has the power to keep you from reaching your goals. There's only one thing that can stop you - YOU. You are 100% responsible for every bite, every sip, every step of your journey. The holidays don't guarantee a binge. They don't guarantee a weight gain. It's all up to you.
You decide what you really want. A whole pumpkin pie or a single slice? A whole bowl of stuffing or a single serving? A bakery's worth of cookies and rolls or a single treat or two? It's up to you. What do you want more? Do you want to gorge yourself sick, or do you want to enjoy some holiday flavors and still reach your goal?

Second... explore BALANCE. Thanksgiving happens once a year. Same with Christmas. Enjoy! I'm not saying you can, or should, stuff yourself. I am saying that you can enjoy the tastes and textures in balance... in moderation. Thanksgiving dinner the big meal? Then be sure every meal and snack prior to that are CLEAN and full of protein and nutrients. If what you're really looking forward to are the mashed potatoes and stuffing, then go easy (or cut) your starchy carbs throughout the day prior to dinner. Have an egg white omelet filled with veggies for breakfast. Have an apple and some grilled chicken for a snack - or a protein shake. Have some lean protein and a salad for lunch. Then enjoy your dinner. Balance. It's your friend. ;-)

Third... drink the damn wine. ;-) Refer to previous points. Then read the next...

Fourth... kick FEAR to the curb. Don't face the holidays with fear of food. Life's too short! Yes, you CAN enjoy holiday eating! Read more tips and thoughts in the following blog posts I've shared...

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