Monday, November 11, 2013

What Day Is It? What DAY IS IT?

No, it's not hump-day. It's Monday. What's Monday? Monday is weigh-in day for Melanie. That's right. The first week has flown by, and Melanie has flown with it!

Goal for the week: 1.5 lb weight loss.
Results: 2.2 lb weight loss.

Melanie not only hit her goal, she threw in an extra .7 just to prove she's a badass woman/mom/grandma/nurse! ;-)

What are some of the things she learned this week? I'll let her tell you in her own words...

What did I learn this week????
1. I do not need a 5 hr energy to get going first thing in the morning. BUT if you take away my coffee....I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!! I am using stevia in my coffee now and it's been an adjustment...
2. Tim Horton's Coffee shop HAS NOT CLOSED because I am not stopping 2x a day for a coffee and goodie, and know what??? I have not missed that cookie!!!!
3. I can COOK simple clean recipes that taste ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! My mother will be proud...
4. Water is Your Friend and its underestimated.
5. We went out to eat with friends and I was able to eat clean and have a great time!!!

What were some of the challenges she faced this week? Insufficient prep for the week, which she's already adjusted for Week 2, and not hitting her daily calorie intake (too little).

These are both common challenges, and nothing but a bump in the road. Her awesome weight loss is FANTASTIC and it was hard earned. She worked hard, she ate well, and she stayed committed to her goals. Her body is adjusting well to the new routine... the new foods and the regularity of those foods (6 meals/snacks a day), and I'm super excited to see her rock this next week, too!

If you're curious about her workouts/exercise regimen, give her a shout over on her facebook page... I can tell you that she's no pansy! Man, those workouts are TOUGH!

I am extremely proud of all Melanie (and Don!) have accomplished this week, and I hope you'll join me in congratulating her and cheering her on for week 2!

Go, Melanie!!!!


  1. Great job! Very encouraging. Congrats!!

  2. Woo Hoo!! Go Melanie and Don!

    Great week :)