Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Will You Cross Your Fingers For Me? Hope, Pray, Think Good Thoughts - I'll Take It!

As usual, it's crazy around here. Want proof? I'll give you a few highlights from the last week...

  • Bethany wrecked my car. Again. She's safe, no one was hurt, no other car involved (there was a sneeze and a guardrail). But my car... <sigh>
  • I fell up the stairs. Again. The empty laundry basket was collateral damage.
  • I ran into the china hutch, creating a massive bruise of magnificent colors on my thigh. Damn pointy corners.
  • I shook a can of paint - and it was not closed.
  • I ran into a shelf at Wal-Mart - with my recently operated on elbow.
  • Did I mention my car?
  • I realized that it will be cheaper and easier to cook Thanksgiving dinner than my previous plan to buy a market meal. I now have a 20 lb turkey in my fridge, waiting to go into the brining bucket on Tuesday. Lord help us all. 

There's more. Of course, there's more. But you get the idea. ;-)

The biggest fear I currently have is in regards to the turkey. If you've been around here for awhile, you know that it's about 50/50 on who's going to win... me or the turkey. When it comes time to flip the bird in the brine bucket, sometimes it happens, and sometimes I end up on my arse, dripping wet, with an ice cold naked turkey in my lap.

The biggest hope I currently have is in regards to expanding our family. In March, we lost our family dog, Nakki. While we still grieve, we've planned to bring another dog home - at some point. I've wanted a Mastiff for years. I just love the big-dog, and I have this image of my canine friend: big floppy ears, massive black face, cream/fawn body, female... so we talked about going to a breeder when the time came. We researched, even chose a breeder, but it just didn't feel right. After a lot of thought and talk, we decided we wanted to rescue, and give an animal a 2nd chance.

And that's where it ended. There are no female, fawn colored mastiff's in Arizona, evidently.
And then...

Last week my parents were back in Sacramento for a visit, and had pre-turkey day dinner with my sibs and cousin. Suddenly, my cousin's two dogs (tiny) started sniffing and yapping at the front door. She opened the door, and in walked... you guessed it!!

A female, fawn colored with black face and big floppy ears, Bull Mastiff.

And she was starving. No one knows how long she'd been abandoned and hungry. She must have smelled the turkey and came sniffing. The big beauty was as sweet and gentle as could be, allowing the children and pups to climb all over her. She ate the rest of my sister's turkey and stuffing, then drank gallons of water, and simply curled up to sleep. They sent me a photo of her, with her big face and skinny body - ribs poking out... and I fell in love. We agreed that Bill and I would drive up this weekend to meet her and bring her home where she can heal, grow and be loved.

The next day, my sister took her in to the animal shelter to get checked out. We learned that she's unchipped, and no one is looking for her. We also learned that their policy is to take the dog on a 5-day hold before allowing her to be adopted. Ok. We can handle that. Syl put herself down as adoptive family, as we weren't sure if they'd roll with an out of state adoption, and she was assured the dog would be ready and waiting Saturday at noon. We made our plans, I bought a collar and a leash. I bought cookbooks. ('cmon, you knew that was coming, right? lol!)

I feared jinxing it, so I didn't share the story on facebook or here, only told a select few. Last night Bill and I got a funny feeling and he suggested I call the shelter today. I did. Something was funny, all right! A rescue organization is trying to take the dog! They've put a note in her file and are simply going to walk in and walk right back out with her - so that they can find her a home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I spoke at length with two representatives at the shelter, explaining the situation, pointing out that the dog is already spoken for and has a new home (Syl even has the paperwork showing her as the adopter!). Turns out they have no problem whatsoever with allowing an out of state adoption - in fact, they feel we (and our home) are ideal for this sweet Mastiff. They thought it was wonderful that my dream rescue dog simply walked right into my sister's apartment! The folks I talked with were terrific, and our case is now before a supervisor who will determine if the rescue can do this or not.

So.... cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross your legs, cross whatever you can! Think good thoughts, wing out some prayers, light a candle, I'll take whatever you give! I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out if we can bring this sweet girl home. (*UPDATE BELOW!!!!)
Do you think she's offering to drive?
A much happier dog than in the first pic, right? You can't see her ribs here, but they're just skin and bones. :-(

Just look at that face!
The dog, not my cousin, lol!
Though they're both beautiful!! ;-)

UPDATE!!!! Thank you for crossing everything, for your good thoughts and positive vibes and prayers! The manager of the shelter called and she's OURS!!! We'll be picking her up and signing docs Saturday afternoon, then driving her home on Sunday!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing story!! She is MEANT to be in your family! I can't wait to read the blog post of you bringing her home! (it just HAS to happen!)