Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Home for the Holidays?

Like most of you, we've got sooo much going on! Holiday season is always busy, but this year has some differences for our family. Like usual, I'm super busy with Recipe For Fitness and my awesome custom clients, I'm whipping up new recipes and testing them on hapless family and visitors, I'm building meal plans, planning future services to offer, and pumping up the holiday tunes. In addition, we're still remodeling, integrating Sadie (who loves to ride in the car), Bill is swamped at work, Bethany is about to graduate early, and there are always a million things to do. But... what's unusual for us, is that we have no tree up. No decorations. I do have a bowl of cinnamon pine cones on the table for that lovely scent, but.... everything is packed, ready for the big move into the new house. Ya'll know I love my Holiday decorations, lol. I'm a little sad that Darth Santa is packed away. But - we're rolling with it :-)

The remodel is coming along beautifully! My Dad is a true master-craftsman and everything he touches comes out stunningly! Even when I throw in a monkey wrench. This last week, he had the cabinets for the island all set up and was beginning the wiring when I pulled out the dimensions of my two under counter refrigerators. Ummmm. Might should have done that before. They're too wide. So we had to find replacements, and Dad will modify the space to suit.  BTW, mine have smoked glass fronts, not the stainless you see in the picture.

Next up, we decided to go ahead and get our sink since Bill is about to begin the countertops. Off to IKEA we go. We get the slip, and head to check out. Bill says, "How much does it weigh? Do we need a cart?" I say, "It only weighs 46 lbs but it's bulky and awkward and YES you need a cart. YOU WILL NOT DROP MY NEW SINK." lol. "Ok, ok, we'll get a cart."

Good thing, as I forgot where I was (IKEA). And the weight on the box was not in lbs. Oops! ;-) So he hauls the big-ass sink into the truck and back to the house we go. We pull it out of the box to show everyone and that's when we realize. Should have gotten to those specs. ;-) Ummmm. It's a mite too big for the space. Who knew?? But... Dad figured out how to modify the cabinetry to make room. Seriously, what would we do without him??? And... since I wanted a gazillion outlets in the island - for personal use, for teaching cooking classes, etc. Dad got it done and I have them all.  I don't think the Culinary Institute has more outlets than I do now! LOL!! Me and SRP are going to be on a first name basis, lol!

He also thought that just plain outlets on the island weren't kind on the eye, so he figured out this ingenious door panel deal that covers them up. Seriously awesome!! And he gave me more outlets in my window seat, too! :-)

And look!!! My pendant lights are in!! Aren't they gorgeous???

Jordan has been hard at work in the master bath... they'll probably set in my tub this week! Woot! Isn't the tile design pretty? There's still a lot of work to do, but we can "see" it now and we're thrilled!
Yeah, that's Sadie - photo bombing. Lol!
So... the house is coming along. We're hoping to be in before Christmas, but we'll see. If we're not, we'll probably pick up a Charlie Brown tree, lol, and just roll with it. :-) The holiday is about family and loved ones, not decorations.

Sadie is also coming right along. She had her first Vet appointment on Sunday and we were thrilled to learn she'd gained 11 lbs in two weeks! Wooohooo! Look at this...
Here's the day we got her from the shelter:
And here's two weeks later:

Pretty amazing, right?? :-) She's such a happy dog! And of course, she loves my cooking ;-) Lol! Seriously though, I do cook all her food. I supplement a bit with dry dog food, but the bulk of her meals are fresh whole foods. And it's working! With the proper blend of protein, carbs and healthy fats, she's absolutely blooming!

What am I feeding her? Turkey burgers with banana, beef liver, and pureed vegetables; casseroles with steak or chicken or turkey, liver, whole eggs, lots of veggies, beans or quinoa or brown rice or potato, and healthy fats like coconut oil or butter, or peanut butter or cheese. Today I'll be seeing if she likes butternut squash ;-) It's as much fun to cook for her as it is to cook for the rest of us, and there's a ton of crossover. Minus the livers, lol, we eat so many of the same foods. And ironically, her macro needs are pretty darn close to my own. But I'll still skip the liver. ;-)

In other news, today is my baby's 18th birthday. How the hell did I get so old? LOL! She's so happy and excited, another Stafford family member who's blooming. Her bff sent her off to school today wearing a rhinestone tiara, lol! Tonight, at her request, we're chilling at home with family and friends. Also at her request, the food will be Panda Express. Lol. Not the normal for our home, I assure you, but that's what she wants for her special day. Tomorrow night, another friend is throwing her a party on his property, bonfire and all. How fun is that? It is wonderful in so many ways to see her excited and happy. It's been a rough year for her, health-wise.

So. That's the update from here :-) Hope the holiday season is bringing you joy and peace, and lots of time with family and loved ones.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a happy glimpse into your life. Merry Christmas!