Sunday, December 15, 2013

In The Go Daddy House!

Who knows how to throw a holiday party? GoDaddy. Holy cow! I was surprised and honored to be invited to the 2013 Phoenix GoDaddy Holiday party at Chase Field last night. Bill and I dressed up and headed out for a night of fun. And it was! We parked, stood in line for entry, then discovered we were in the wrong line, lol, we were supposed to be in the VIP line! What??? Yep. So we got our VIP bracelets then went inside, where the first thing we saw was the ticker stating "Welcome GoDaddy Customer Recipe For Fitness"!!! I tell you, it was a moment! Wow!!
we kept trying to catch it with the full message, but you can see part of it.
We wandered around and ate great food (the shrimp tacos were BOMB!), had a few drinks, and enjoyed the festivities. They seriously know how to throw a party - they had video game stations, including VR games, there was ping pong and pool, photo booths like I've never seen before (video bobble-head yourself, lol!), more games, and Danica Patrick's car. Yes, we took a pic. ;-)
Even with the heat blowers on, it was pretty chilly in spots.
I stayed bundled up, lol. 
The entertainment ranged from a fun party band to Kurt Elling, then Bob Parson's and Blake Irving gave away about a gazillion dollars. Seriously. They donated $2 Million to the Semper Fi Fund, then gave away tons of bonuses to employees ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. TONS. Tax Free. That's an accounting nightmare, by the way, but they did it because they wanted the employees to get the full bonus, so they paid up over the taxes. Impressive.

Danica Patrick was funny and energetic, the whole crew was phenomenal and created such a great environment. Just before the main entertainment hit the stage, we ran into Billy Nahn and his beautiful wife. Billy is the Executive Producer for Go Daddy who came to my house to film for their advertising and the Indy 500 spot. He let me know they're already using me in their stuff and promised to send me  some of it this coming week :-) Woot!!

Next up was.... Ke$ha! We had no idea what to expect from the night, but it wasn't her! LOL! I sent several snapchat videos to my daughter, Bethany, who loves Ke$ha. She was a wee bit jealous. She got more so when she found out who the next artist up was... Snoop Dogg. Can you imagine a company party that brings in Ke$ha and Snoop??? Wowser!! Because we're old fogies, we didn't stay for the whole Snoop show (it was already pretty late), but the Ke$ha show was great! It was fun, funny, and phenomenal!

The whole night was terrific, and I'm so grateful GoDaddy invited me! I was a GoDaddy VIP for the night - how freaking cool is that?? :-)

In other news....
Prior to the big night, Friday Mom and Dad started laying the flooring in the house. We're getting closer!!!!! You can see them here signing the floor :-)

Sadie isn't quite sure what to think of the flooring. Lol.

Saturday I hit the mall to find a dress for the event (long story, suffice it to say that Macy's online screwed up BIG). While I was there, I learned that in anticipation of holiday shopping, the mall has taken mercy upon long-suffering husbands and installed this...
Yes. That is a bar. In the food court. Men, you may now "shop" with your wives. Lol.

And now that my cinderella night is done ;-) I'm off to do laundry, grocery shop, and christmas shop (thank goodness for amazon!). You know, I do a lot more laundry now that we have Sadie. A LOT! ;-) Mastiff slobber. Hahaha!

Happy Sunday!!

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