Monday, December 30, 2013

What Day Is It????? Melanie Weighs In...

You know the phrase, "Kicking ass and taking names"? Well if you look it up, you'll find Melanie's photo. ;-) This woman has taken control and is thriving! I am so thankful she's brave enough to share her journey with you, and I'm so thrilled with her success. To date, Melanie has lost 12.8 lbs and like her weight, her BMI is dropping - every single week. Oh - and did I mention she's doing all this through the holiday season???? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. Yeah. She's that awesome.

Here are the most recent numbers...
Last week: 165 lbs
This week: 163.8 lbs
Total Lost This Week: 1.2 lbs. WOOOHOOO!

Here's what Mel has to say...
Don and I have been following your clean eating recipes mostly of Chicken and pork.... (still working on the fish recipes).....We have been making our own shake & bake seasonings using Mrs. Dash and we love it...they never fail us. We are using the steamed veggie bags and fresh items as much as we can. (mostly organic) I have been making salads and my veggie bags for juicing. This routine alone gets me out the door faster on those days I work. It's a routine we are becoming accustom to. Would you believe I have even started checking out new pots and pans....(my new routine when we shop...hit the exercise clothes then to the kitchen isle) It's my new sickness....    
Over the past week my exercise routine has been very little. I will be hitting the gym again tomorrow morning.
It's time for me to start thinking about a goal...I may sign up for a sprint Triathlon or GOBA which is the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure which will be actually riding through Mount Vernon this year. It's a week of bicycling. We have never done this adventure and it is in June.  I am just starting to think about these things. Actually It's the challenge I am excited about!!!!
We have not celebrated Christmas yet. Our oldest daughter will be home around the 4th so, I have not made my Moms roll out Christmas Cookies yet. So we made the Protein Cookie Dough Balls and they are delicious. Actually I have not done any baking for the holidays so this week will be a good test for me. But again I am not missing the "sugar" cravings I once had. The other day while at the office I did not even feel tempted to check out the Christmas items in the kitchen. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME. This is definitely making me feel good not only mentally but physically as well.
So today I am going to the store with a list in hand. Meals planned out ahead and looking forward to spending the evening with friends.

Melanie has transitioned from me determining her every meal and snack, to taking the reins and doing it on her own. And clearly - she's doing it well!

What's the difference between Melanie and the typical 'dieter'? Why is she succeeding while others fall back into unhealthy habits? Melanie has FOCUS. COMMITMENT. DETERMINATION. GOALS.

I saw this week on another of my incredible client's post about throwing away too big pants (WOOOHOOO), someone said this... "How did you do it?? And don't tell me willpower, because I don't have any."

Well, then don't expect to see any results. Of course, I didn't post that, lol, but I am sharing it here because I feel it's important. Stef didn't throw away pants that are now 5 sizes too big because she has super-hero powers to resist temptation and laziness. Melanie doesn't have any super-powers either. What these incredible women have is focus, commitment, determination, and goals. They were ready for the change. Ready to take control and responsibility. And look at them go!!

If you don't want it, you won't get it. Both Mel and Stef want it. Both Mel and Stef are getting it. How about you??  We're approaching the biggest selling season for weight loss gimmicks and fads. It's right around the corner - actually it's this week. New gym memberships will be purchased, and shortly thereafter discarded. New diets will be started, and shortly thereafter abandoned. New goals will be set, and shortly thereafter forgotten. Will you be part of this sad trend?

Or will you develop Focus, Commitment, Determination, and REACH YOUR GOALS?? Is this your year? Are you ready for change? Do you want it?

If the answers are YES, then please, please, steer clear of the crap of the fitness industry designed to separate you from your money. offers tons of FREE support and tools to help you transform your life. You don't need to pay me a penny. And you can succeed. I'm proof. Mel is proof. Stef is proof.

If you want more - more structure, accountability and support, then consider purchasing one of my downloadable meal plans, or even becoming a custom plan client. Due to the time and energy intensive aspects of the custom plans, I cannot offer discounts on them. However, that said... for the next month, all my downloadable meal plans are 20% off. This discount is my holiday gift to you. My own personal investment in helping you reach your goals in the New Year. If you want it.

Ready to follow in Melanie's footsteps? Then don't wait until January 1. Start now. Start today. You ABSOLUTELY can reach your goals. I'm here to help.

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  1. Go Mel!! I'm so proud of you. You inspire me. I promise--no chocolate in my office to tempt you! :-)