Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Day Is It???? Melanie's Weigh-In... Week 6

Here we are, with Week 5 behind us, and Melanie's journey continues. Here's a little background on the last week for her... she was on vacation. Yep. Holiday getaway - cabin, hubby, pup - wine, cheese, and quality relaxing. While she and Don packed their own food for the trip, they enjoyed themselves without worrying overmuch about it. The weather wasn't the best, so they pretty much stayed in the whole time. She did some yoga, took a walk, and just enjoyed the break. Sounds like a recipe for weight loss disaster, doesn't it?

Not for Melanie!!

Melanie weighed in at 165.2 lbs - that's 1.4 lbs down from last week. Woooohooo!!! Here's what she has to say...
Chelle I think it is so important that people understand its okay to get away. You can still manage your intake do some light exercising and continue to stay on track.......So many people I have spoken to say..... "I fell off the wagon so why even continue to try the rest of the day".....Or "it's vacation and I'm doing it all and eating anything I want". They end up gaining weight and never going back to their clean eating habits and end up in the same old routine.... I used to feel this way but its a mind game at times and you just have to push yourself through it. Know what? I AM WORTH IT!!!!!

Through your program you have taught me its 80% clean eating and 20% exercising which is also vital to losing weight...If we can get one person to say "yes that's how I'm going to view this and I am going to improve my eating habits and improve my health"  That's one more person who will live a healthy life......AWESOME.....WE ARE WORTH IT, WE DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY AND TO LIVE THE LIFE WE WANT.
Are you guilty of facing the holidays with a devil-may-care food attitude? I've done it. I spent years doing it - and it landed me 200+ lbs in a 5'2" body. If you followed my own journey, you know just how hard I worked to shed that weight, to learn how to eat and exercise, how to live healthy. And Melanie is right...  She's worth it. I'm worth it. You're worth it.

One of the things I say often (ok, I harp on) is that EVERY bite, EVERY sip, EVERY step, EVERY rep counts. If you screw one up, put it behind you and make the next one count. It's really that simple. And there's room for fun! You can enjoy holiday treats, weekly date nights, office lunches and so on... and still reach your goals! And... you can enjoy a getaway and still reach your goals - how? You're riding on the momentum of all the hard work and clean eating you've been doing prior to your trip! That's right! When you jump your metabolism into hyperdrive, you can relax during your vacation - and still be on track. Nice, right? ;-) Just one of the many perks of healthy living.

As Melanie and I chatted tonight, we talked about cravings and temptations. She's not really tempted by foods now... she's stunned she's gone 5 1/2 weeks without a 5-hour energy drink, lol. She's learned how nice it is to not face the office break-room with fear during the holiday (aka cookie) season. Those sugary treats just don't appeal when she's working (and making progress) toward her goal. She did share that as we approach Christmas, she's missing her mother's roll-out cookies. Every year she makes them, it's a recipe and a treat steeped in tradition and memories.

So what'd the mean nutritionist tell her?  I told her to make up a batch of her mother's roll-out cookies. She'll enjoy the traditional treat with her girls, and keep the rest of her food clean and on track. And she will. Melanie is rocking her journey. Each and every week she's made amazing progress. She's learned how important nutrition is, how crucial it is to be prepared. And she's learned how incredibly capable she is at reaching her own goals. She's taken back control of her life, her food, and she's reaping the results - even through vacations and holidays.

And guess what? You can, too. If you want it. 

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  1. Love this! Thanks so much for continuing to share the progress of 'real' people.
    Merry Christmas!