Monday, December 2, 2013

What Day Is It????? Week 4 Transformation... Does Melanie get half her money back???

Well folks... here we are. Four weeks have passed since Melanie put her food where her mouth is ;-) She committed to a public Transformation journey - to share the good, bad, and otherwise with everyone watching. Each week, her progress is posted, along with a few of her thoughts on the days past. This is not the usual for my Custom Plan clients, and is a unique plan that includes more time involved on my end, and more accountability (and a significant amount of bravery) on hers. And Melanie's plan comes with that special twist... remember? Should Melanie reach her goals, she receives 50% of her Custom Plan fee back.

So... The first month is in the books. Did Melanie hit her goal? Does she get half her money back?

Starting Weight:  176.6
GOAL: 6 lbs Lost (avg 1.5 lb/week)

Week 1 Results:  174.4  --- LOST 2.2 lbs
Week 2 Results:  174   --- LOST  .4 lbs
Week 3 Results:  171.6   --- LOST 2.4 lbs
Week 4 Results:   169.4  ---  LOST 2.2 lbs

Month 1 of Transformation: 
Total 7.2 lbs!!! 

Melanie surpassed her weight loss goal!! Not only does she have the satisfaction of success and steady progress, but she also gets HALF her MONEY back!!!

May I make a special point here? Melanie's Week 4 included Thanksgiving. Oh yeah! That's right!! AND... she wasn't miserable for the holiday. She wasn't starved or 'dieting'. Just saying. Clean eating. It matters.


Here are a few thoughts from Mel on the journey so far...

My Transformation Journey continues........
Four weeks ago I decided to make "myself a priority"....what I have learned about myself has been "priceless".   I totally stepped out of my comfort zone....the comfort zone of poor eating habits. I decided if I was going to do this I wanted to share this journey with others, which meant putting it ALL OUT THERE for others to see...I knew I was putting in the time with my workouts but something was missing....You can go out and have a great calorie burn....  BUT if your eating habits are out of control.... you will remain in a losing battle.
With the help of Chelle Stafford and Recipe for Fitness I have been able to gain the confidence I needed to make nutritious easy meals....she has shown me how simple this is to do. With this in place I have found it easy it is to stay focused towards my goals....Has it been a challenge???? YOU BET. But a challenge I have embraced.
In the past four weeks, in general, I have felt more in control of my life. What I mean by this is.... I feel more energized and focused.  I look forward to getting up and starting my day off with a positive attitude. I can honestly tell you, I feel this way due to the "change" in my "overall diet". The use of 5 Hour Energy's, sugar cravings, and the constant mood swings are gone. I feel good and I love telling people how different I feel. Do I feel like my journey is completed......Oh NO!!!!! But what I can tell you is... I want to continue feeling "whole". My "journey" is far from over.

Melanie has done amazing at staying focused, committing to her path and her goals. I'm so proud of the progress she's made, the fantastic and consistent weight loss. It doesn't end here... stay tuned for the 2nd month of Melanie's Transformation!

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