Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, Rough Start...

The house is packed, noisy, and full of love and fun. Through the holidays, we've managed to get all of our kids back home and are even now enjoying the chaos and company :-)  At this moment, while Sadie naps while I work, there are 6 loved ones taking turns in the shower, playing with the dogs and/or the xbox, and generally filling the house with sound and energy. I love it.

Our New Year's Eve was great... we hit a local bar in Chandler with friends and enjoyed a killer warmup with a band from School of Rock (those kids are seriously talented), then a Led Zeppelin tribute, lol. After, we headed to their house to watch the ball drop, then drove back home to Scottsdale where Sadie, Winnie, and Bear were waiting. The older kids had all gone to an overnight party, and Bethany had gone camping with friends. Our victory this year was being awake to watch the ball drop. ;-)

The next morning, the older kids were all home safe (and tired, haha), sleeping anywhere and everywhere, but I couldn't reach Bethany. Spotty cell service, I thought, and ignored the mommy-fear.

Bill and I headed out to (where else) Home Depot for a few odds and ends, then looked at furniture. I still couldn't reach Bethany. Finally, just before one, I got a message.

"There was an accident."

With an incredibly grateful heart, I can tell you that somebody's guardian angel deserves a big fat raise. And a medal. Each of the four kids are lucky to be alive. They were off-roading and having their usual fun, when they took a corner too fast and rolled the truck three times. Three passengers were belted in, including my daughter who was wearing only a lap belt, center front seat. The driver was not seat-belted and was thrown from the vehicle after the first roll. Apart from the driver, who received 7 staples in his head, the others have very minor injuries - mostly bruises and cuts from glass from the crash and cactus from searching for the driver.

This morning Bethany is very sore, but alive. Here are some of the photos...

There are simply no words to express my thankfulness. I am overwhelmed. And isn't it funny how the human body responds to stress... once she was home safely, the remaining blood washed away, and tucked up sleeping, I got sick as a dog and stayed that way all through this morning. Crazy. Bethany is very stiff and sore, and we're dealing with a few tiny cuts, but she's alive, she's safe. I'm having a hard time not chaining her to my side and simply hugging her constantly. I'm changing the subject now so I don't cry.

Ok. Remodel...

We're in a kind of lull, as there was a crack in the foundation that has to be ground down and filled so the flooring can be finished up, but meanwhile, Dad has put in all the cabinetry hardware (45 door pulls, plus 7 in the bathroom), he and Mom sealed the tile/grout in the bathroom, and done a million other things to help move it along. Today the grinding will take place, so hopefully tomorrow the floor will start up again. Additional delays include my counter tops. The rock we needed was ordered incorrectly by the vendor - twice, and we're crossing our fingers it'll be in today. We're hoping by next week it'll be poured and curing so the rest of the cabinetry can go in, then the crown molding. We finally found the baseboards we wanted... and at almost a 1/4 of the price!!! If you're looking for doors, trim, windows, etc, in the Phoenix metro area - look up  When you're shopping for 300 linear feet of trim, 1/4 of the price is NICE!  We also found the interior door knobs we wanted - 11 sets. Lol! Anyway, it's all amazing to watch, and incredible to look around and say, "My Dad did that", "My Mom did that", "Jordan did that". We are well and truly blessed. Here are some more photos...

Bathroom, just waiting for shower glass and the toilet to be put back (lol), then the countertops poured, then my gorgeous vessel sinks. :-)

Laundry room cabinet...

Kitchen cabinetry - hardware on!

It's all super exciting, and we can't wait to see it finished. We both wish, very much, we were more... umm, skilled, lol, so that we could help more. I may not be able to work power tools (safely), but I can mad shop! lol!

So... there's the news in our world. On another note, it's incredible to me that 7 years ago today I walked into a gym and changed my life. I'm proof - it can be done, and it can be maintained. The power is yours to transform. And remember that I'm here to help.

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Happy New Year!!

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  1. So glad everyone is ok - wow. The house is coming along beautifully. It is such a treat to continue on this journey with you. Keep doing what you're doing, we all appreciate it. Happy new year - the best is yet to come!