Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Day Is It??????? Melanie's Weigh-In...

What's that I hear? That powerful, growly, rumble tearing down the road? It's Melanie's metabolism! Oh yeah! She's still kickin' arse and takin' names! BEAST MODE ON! ;-) Melanie had a great week, recovering completely from her minor slow down, and lost 1.4 lbs! Woohooo!!! That's a grand total of 14 lbs so far!!

Melanie is making such amazing progress! She's consistent and disciplined, and is reaping the rewards. One thing I find funny is how surprised she is by how far she's come. This is a woman who, when she was ready to make change happen, embraced it with everything in her - no matter how busy or chaotic life got, no matter how tired or sore - she gives it her all. She shared with me how exited she is that she's learned that she can live without her formerly beloved 5-hour energy drinks, haha, but there's so much more!

Here's a peek at Melanie's before/after lifestyle...

So Don asked me a great question that I wanted to share with you.   "Looking back at your diet prior to Chelle what were you doing then that you are not doing now,  what have you changed?"  So I got out the 3 day menu's I sent to you and reviewed them!!!!! BOY I HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY!!!!!  [prior to beginning her journey, I had Melanie send me 3 days of food logs so I could see what her food lifestyle was like]
Unbalance meals, hardly any vegetables or fruits . I was eating every couple of hours BUT it was what I was eating  that would make my sugar levels  high and then low.  My sugar intake was completely out of control. I was stopping at Tim Horton's daily around 2pm for a Chocolate Chip cookie and taking 5 hour energy's. I was working out but couldn't get anywhere with my weight .  
AND NOW:  Knowing the importance of eating small nutritious meals every few hours.  Protein and water intake is vital in weight control. The importance of sugar levels this can make you OR break you!!!! 
As I look back at those menu's - I have changed....Don's response was WOW look how far you have come! 
I have come a long way during this Transition....it's far from over BUT it's a damn good beginning!!!!
So... you can see how far Melanie has come. How about you?? Where are you at? Are you making a damn good beginning, or are you starting to falter? What do you need to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle? Take a look at my website, there are tons of (free) resources there to help you. And if you're looking for a ready-to-go meal plan to help you reach your goals, check out my store - For the month of January, they're all 20% off.


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