Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Housebound and Stir-Crazy!

One of the challenges we face now that we've moved is transportation. Bethany has to go to school every day - in Scottsdale. She also works - in Scottsdale. This means I spend the majority of the week without a car, as she uses mine. I may get a wee bit stir-crazy on occasion. lol. Today is a highlight of my week, as Wednesdays mean that I get my car back for the afternoon and evening - Yay!!! Let Me OUT!!!!!

I have my 2nd Pilates session today, then it's a dash back home to clean up and get ready to head up to Scottsdale - Bill has bowling, and I have a workout with Stef (RockStar is doing amazing, by the way!!).

This last week & weekend were chaotic and fun-filled. Shi and Jared were here with Bear (their puppy), plus we had Winnie while Joey was in TX. It got a little nuts, but all fun. Sadie has finally acclimated to Winnie, and she adores Bear, so the stress of trying to keep the dogs separated is all but gone. We still have to keep an eye, but for the most part, it's good. There was a distinct challenge when our daughter Ariel came by with her weenie dog - Sadie may have just wanted to play, but she's so BIG and Axle is so tiny - we ended up having to keep them apart. Here's Shi surrounded by 3 loving dogs, lol...

Another challenge we've had is our refrigerator. The fridge part doesn't work, and we've had 4 service calls, spread out over weeks (not cool), trying to get it fixed. They come out, fiddle around then say (as they're running out the door) "give it 48 hours to cool down, then it's good!" Yeah, right. Buggers.

Finally (read: FINALLY) the tech on Monday diagnosed it as DEAD, which means Sears will replace it. Unfortunately, they won't replace it until the 8th of March. Ugh. But... I'm happy I'll have a working fridge. And you can be sure the next time we see a "killer deal" we'll think twice, lol.

With my awesome new kitchen (sans fridge) I've been playing with a lot of recipes. I recently purchased two more cookbooks (a gal can never have too many), and I'm loving them! While I was seriously unimpressed with the Wheat Belly book and cookbook (just too imbalanced nutritionally), I have found Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great by Danielle Walker to be a joy! So many great recipes to play with, and her approach is more user friendly than the doom-n-gloom of the Wheat Belly author. Really liking this book! The 2nd book I got is Giada's Feel Good Food: My Healthy Recipes and Secrets by Giada de Laurentiis. Her approach is very "live life, eat well", and for a foodie like me - she's talking my language. While I'm more of a carnivore than she is, lol, there are tons of great recipes and tips in this book! I'm only halfway through, but really enjoying it, and recommend them both.

All the fun recipe research I've been doing has a dual purpose... we're hosting a baby shower in a couple weeks. Haley is having TWINS! She's a sweetheart of a gal who's an active duty Marine and very close friend of the kids. Shi and I have been compiling recipes to serve, so I'll be testing out several while we finalize our plans long distance. Shiloh won't arrive until late the night before the shower, so quick and easy are the bywords of this event ;-)

So far we've got a ton of blue-themed sweets, then a yummy caprese & couscous salad, a raspberry & balsamic pork & berry salad, and maybe a sirloin & citrus salad. Have to test out that last one first. It's going to be fun :-)  I want the foods to taste fantastic, but also be healthy and nutritious.

Still working on the house... unpacking never ends, lol. Sometime before the shower I'd like to have pictures hung - that always makes it feel more like 'home'. Since we're not ready to do the barn door yet, I came up with an idea to cover the shelves but still be fun. When I told Bill about it he was... leery. Lol. I think it turned out ok, what do you think?

I still have to steam everything out but I like it :-)

Happy Wednesday folks!!!!


  1. Cute!! What a BIG boy!! :D Is he a mastiff? We have Danes, so we adore the big boys. <3

    1. Hi Lacey!! Yep, she's an English Mastiff we rescued in November. Vet thinks she's about 2 years old. There's just nothing like a gentle giant! :-)

    2. Sooo cute! OP, and a GIRL! *sorry!* How adorable!