Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a GOOD day... a VERY GOOD day!!!

I love my job. I really, really do. I love helping people reach their goals, transform their lives (and themselves), and smash through barriers. I love it! And I love great tasting food, and showing that you can reach your weight loss goals and still eat amazing meals. ;-) Best job ever. Today - that job is even more spectacular! And I have TWO, count them TWO incredible women with goals reached to tell you about.

First... Melanie. You've been following Melanie's journey, as she has been willing to share it publicly. She's ROCKING it! Though the post-holiday season had some challenges, Mel has kicked challenge-butt! Big time! Here's her latest update...


161.8 a total of .......15# GONEACCOUNTABILITY:  the obligation of an individual to be accountable for their actions

Are you wondering WHY I pointed out this word???  ACCOUNTABILITY....
Because I am accountable for my actions....for what I choose to eat daily...and you called me out on this......Thank you.....It's cold, dark and at 7:00pm all I want to do is sit on the couch put on a good show, drink a cup of coffee and eat a cookie...MY OLD WAYS...NO WAY AM I GONNA GO BACKWARDS.....
So now it's a cup of Decaf Hot Tea and Yogurt....
That's what Recipe for Fitness is all about...SIMPLE ....I am accountable for my healthier lifestyle!!!
Thank you Chelle Stafford and Recipe for Fitness for letting me show others how supportive you are....that a healthy lifestyle can be done with positive results!!!!

Next... Stefanie. Stefanie is a local client, and a serious threat on the competition dance floor. She's beautiful, graceful, and full of energy - and she's got a 'big hairy goal'. Stef is working to lose a large amount of weight, and today she gave the BHG a serious kick in the ass! She has officially lost 100 lbs from her highest weight! Can I get a "WOOOOHOOOO!!!!"?? Stef is now focused on her next goal - To be under 200 lbs.  I have a feeling it won't be long until we're marking that one off the list, too!  If you'd like to follow her blog and her path to healthy weight, check her out here: 

The weight loss journey is not a sprint. It takes time to learn respect for food, exercise, and yourself. It takes time to un-learn self-destructive habits and behaviors. One of the biggest disservices to people wanting to make significant weight changes is shows like The Biggest Loser. It presents a "normal" that isn't true. Now, I said my piece over on Facebook about the latest winner, but in light of my ladies triumphs, I want to say just a bit more. The BL Ranch is not where you go to lose significant weight permanently. It's where you go to compete for money. It is not where you go to make lasting lifestyle changes. It is where you go to compete for money. Period. If you do any research into the show, you'll learn (the information has been available for years) that the BL 'week' is not 7 days. It can be as little as two weeks or as much as 6. The scales are a lie, and a tool for product promotion.  An episode shows Subway providing meals, and the next weigh in shows a 22 lb loss for someone - a connection is made between the product and the results - and both are lies. Watch the show for entertainment value, but please do not watch it for tips to change your life.

The expectations I have for my clients are simple: do the work, eat the food, see the results. There are no shortcuts, and real change takes time. While I do expect them to lose weight (if that's their goal), I expect them to lose it in steady and realistic manner. And I expect them to keep it off. A key aspect to my work is giving my clients the tools to keep the weight off. Forever. It's a whole new lifestyle. A whole new life. 

I am so incredibly proud of Mel & Stef! They're doing the work, eating the food, and seeing the results. The journey is theirs, and they are lighting it up! I hope their success inspires you - shines a bit of light onto your own path. Real change, folks... it's happening! 

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  1. Melanie and Stef you are both doing great! You have been met with challenges along the way and you are finding ways to make it work to succeed and achieve your goals. Keep rockin!