Monday, February 17, 2014

Still Settling In...

Does anyone else find the task of unpacking a house daunting? Yeah, I'd have been cut from Dauntless. I am officially daunted. ;-) This weekend we transferred all the boxes from the spare bedroom/office into the garage to make room for Shiloh to move back in (remember her hubby is getting deployed?). We also moved all the boxes out of our closet and into the (cringe) living room, as Bill started putting together the built-ins. The good news is we won't have to live out of suitcases for much longer. The bad news is we are still living out of suitcases and now the living room is full of boxes. Ugh. Even Sadie is resigned to continued chaos. Lol.
Oh, the chaos of cardboard!

When will it end?? Lol!

Nope. The built-in's are not crooked, just my picture taking.
In other news... I have officially found my new gym-home. The closest gym is actually Planet Fitness, but I think we all know I wouldn't be welcome there, lol. The next closest is LifeTime Fitness. And it's a freaking city. HUGE! I think I'll be hard-pressed to ever walk in and not be able to find free equipment to use! Holy cow! I've still got my membership at Gold's in Scottsdale, where I workout on Wednesday evenings with Stef, but now that we're settled (mostly) I'm jonesing for my daily gym-time. So, membership achieved, pass in hand, and I have an appointment tomorrow with one of the managers to get a list of trainers who may be suitable for me during specific periods where I need some help. I'm still looking for a coach, and hoping to compete in August. We'll see.

Tomorrow Shiloh and Jared arrive, bringing some of her stuff. They just had some photos done, for their 6 month anniversary and pre deployment. Aren't they a gorgeous couple??

Sadie has finally resigned herself to Winnie, lol. Joey's in Texas on a job, so Winnie stays with us. They've actually both been sleeping on my bed - yes, I do end up holding onto the mattress by my fingernails. The last two days they were even playing! It's been rough, to say the least, with the two of them not getting along. It has been a matter of baby steps, daily, trying to get them to accept each other. Of course, they finally decide they're buddies and want to run and tumble after Winnie tears (ruptured) his knee ligament. Oy! Trying to keep him down is not an easy task. Poor lil' guy. We're trying to avoid surgery for him. We'll see how that goes.

Sadie is doing fantastic! She's reached a healthy weight, and looks great! She's so sweet and loving. I saw another Mastiff owner on FB refer to them as the Velcro Breed, and I had to laugh. It's true! She has to be near me at all times, touching me preferably, lol. A friend showed me this image today, said it made her think of me, and I was cracking up!! Yep! When I do get the rare moment to just sit, this is just about what it looks like! LOL!!

Shiloh got me a sticker for my car and it arrived this week... I can't wait to put it on, but have to (haha) clean off the drool first ;-)
how cool is this????
Mom and Dad are hanging out in Tombstone - they sent us some pics yesterday and it looks like they're having a blast! I'm hoping to get the house (mostly) unpacked and set up before they return :-)

Ok. That's my news, folks. Lol. Good night! ;-)

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