Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adjusting to life with a cast...

If you're connected to me on Facebook, you know that last Wednesday was not a fun day for me. I showed up for my active metabolic assessment only to learn that I was supposed to be fasted... didn't know that. Drat.

Rescheduled for later in the day then went home to work (and be hungry, lol). At one pm I was back and ready to go. Went through the whole test, was red faced, sweating like a pig and puffing on my inhaler, then the guy informed me that the test didn't read my data. Arghhhh!! We rescheduled, again, and I dashed home to clean up before my doctor appointment.

My wrist has steadily gotten worse and frankly, I got tired of hearing my hubby ask, "shouldn't you see the doctor for that?", so I finally made an appointment. I arrive at the doctor's office and am ushered to a room to wait. When he finally came in, he poked and prodded then sent me down the hall for x-rays.


Who gets the idiot award??? ME!! I've been running around for three months with a broken wrist, BROKEN. Ugh! I've been working, cooking, lifting weights, etc... with a busted Ulna. Way to go, Chelle. So I am now safely ensconced in a cast. And hating it. Lol. If you know me at all, you know that I am fiercely independent. A broken wrist and independence are not mutually compatible.

I'm having to not only accept help, but ask for it, too. Oy! My daughter helped me the first couple days get it wrapped so I could take a shower... that's an adventure, lol. By the way, grocery bags are a bad choice. Lesson learned, lol.
I finally broke down and ordered a waterproof sleeve but that was a mess of it's own as it was so tight around the cuff that I couldn't get it on or off by myself. Then I had the brilliant idea to cut it a bit... worked like a charm until this morning when I put it on all by myself... and tore it halfway down my  arm. Yeesh! So much for that!

Since I can't work in the kitchen, I've undertaken the daunting task of culling through my magazine collection... cutting out recipes and important articles then tossing the magazine. Sadie, however, had other ideas. She lays on my legs and bats the magazines out of my hand. Lol! It's been... fun. Hahaha.
I have managed, however, to make good progress and am down now to an enormous stack of Oxygen's and another of Food Network Magazines. I've been collecting magazines since 2008... Oxygen, Women's Health, Fitness RX, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Shape, Clean Eating, Food Network, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food & Wine, Living Without, various bodybuilding magazines, Taste of Home, and so on.

One thing I've learned in this process is that my list of real resources has narrowed over the years and I have a much smaller pool of magazines I'll be subscribing to in the future (to my husband's relief, lol). What publications made the cut? Oxygen and Clean Eating (of course, lol), Muscle & Fitness hers, and Food Network. I'll pick up others off the stand as they appeal to me.

I'm also scrambling to get ready for the baby shower this weekend, Thankfully I've got Bethany to help. My big job today (other than to finish the magazines) is to create a timeline and accompanying lists so we can get everything done. I'm very excited that my backsplash will be ready! Bill and Jordan have been hard at work, and now it's just awaiting grout and sealing! Isn't it pretty?! Wooohooo!!!

Oh, and that metabolic test? Boooo! Went back Friday to do it again, and same results. It just won't read my breath. Bummer.

This week, I've got two sessions with Kayla. I really am loving Pilates, though it's incredibly challenging for me. It's like relearning your body and movement. But it's terrific at creating balance and proper motion. I can already feel changes in the way I stand, walk, and move. I'm hooked! Lol!

Ok... It's now taken me longer than I want to admit to, to type this post, lol. I've got to get back to my tasks... and hopefully I won't wack myself in the head with the broom today. Oy!


  1. Whew, you've been through a ton!
    Way to go for keeping such an upbeat attitude through it all. You have brass balls working through a broken wrist for 3 months woman!

  2. Sweetie, I feel your pain- I broke my ankle and had surgery (just before Christmas of all times!). I also didn't know it was broken and continued with life for a couple weeks until it finally dawned on me that it wasn't just a pulled muscle.
    The hardest part of the whole experience for me was learning to ask for help (and then sit there and not even be able to help), and the loss of independence (i couldn't drive for three months). It was a huge learning and growing experience, not only for me but also for my family. They're great, but sometimes they forget or even take for granted just how much Mom does! So this was good for them to discover and to learn some new skills.
    Looking back, it was a bittersweet blessing. It did not feel like so much of a blessing in the moments, days, weeks and months of being incapable, dependent and feeling like a burden when I am used being the one who cares for everyone else.
    I know this is so hard for you (and annoying and frustrating), but try to accept the lesson that God may be trying to teach you, and enjoy asking and allowing others to care for you.
    It will seem like forevvvvvvver, but this too shall pass. Take Care!!