Monday, March 31, 2014

Back Home Again... AND BIG NEWS...

This last weekend, the hubby and I, along with a couple of seriously great friends (who else would help you move across states?) headed to San Diego to pack up Shiloh and bring her back home. The previous weekend, her husband deployed and so she spent the last several days finishing up the packing and organizing storage vs "going with". Even with all the work, it was a great weekend. We all arrived safely back home and Shi is getting settled while Sadie is reveling in playing with "her" puppy, Bear. Lol.

Personally, I'm also grateful to be home again as I struggle enormously with my asthma in San Diego. No fun.

Once again, there are boxes everywhere, but I think we can get it all unpacked and sorted this week (oh please!). Thankfully, Shi and Jared are able to Skype often, which means we get to say hi on occasion, too ;-) It will take a bit of time, but I'm confident we'll all make the transition, and the best of it. For me, it's nice to have my girl back home, and it solves another struggle for me as she can drive her hubby's truck while Bethany inherits Shi's car. Which means I actually get to have a car again! Yay!

This is especially important as I begin my prep for figure. Gotta have that car, lol. ;-)

I'm meeting with Kayla today for a strategy session to map out the next few months. A lot depends on the doctor appt tomorrow... if all goes well, this #@#$% cast will be removed. Cross your fingers!

In other news, and I mean BIG NEWS... I've got something spectacularly awesome coming for YOU!!! And it's FREE. I cannot wait to share!!! :-)  I've just got a couple final little details, then I'll do the great unveil! Woooohoooo!!!!  Check back often this week, as I'll be announcing it soon!!  :-)

Happy Monday!!


  1. Ooooo.....I love it (and hate it!) when you do that! I love the surprises....hate the suspense!! ;-)