Monday, March 3, 2014

New Week, Fresh Start...

After getting my ass handed to me via Pilates and health screening, this week saw me putting in a concerted effort to getting back on track. Using my incredible new kitchen (yay!), the Counter of Chaos™ was back in action! I whipped up 5 batches of Sadie's food, a batch of my Power protein & veggie mix, two sets of egg muffins (one for Bill, one for me), a crockpot full of shredded beef, and a gazillion veggies. The fridges are packed and I'm right where I need to be. Well, almost. I still need to bump up my water intake, but the fact that I've had 2 meals and a snack already today is a HUGE victory! Wooohoo! And fyi... I've begun updating the Today's Cooler page again! Woot!!

It's a non-workout day as I'm doing my cortisol test, so I'm working away on the computer (and staring at my wood floors wondering if I can find an elf to clean them, nope, no such luck - guess that's up next). Tomorrow I have my active metabolic test... that should be fun, lol. Still not sure if I'll be doing it on the treadmill or the cycle. I hate the cycle. Really, strongly and fiercely. But... not sure if I can run for 30 minutes (darn knees). We'll see.

Then Wednesday I have my 3rd Pilates session (loving it!), Thursday is cardio and workout, then Friday is my 2nd personal training session with the fabulous Kayla. I'm still sore from last Friday, lol.

I'm detesting the brace I have to wear on my wrist, and will probably suck it up and head back to the doctor this week. When I take the brace off (have to in order to type), it feels like the bones are going in different directions. That's probably not a good thing, ya think? ;-) The good news is my knees feel pretty good, and other than one exercise during Friday's workout my shoulder also feels good. I'll take it!

I managed to unpack all the books in the library. Mostly stacking them in piles, lol, because we're not ready to build the floor-to-ceiling bookcases yet, but at least the boxes are gone...

This whole hallway was packed tight with empty & broken down boxes. I'm not one who can just toss empty boxes around me, as I unpack each one I have to break it down flat then stack them neatly. Yes, I know, it's a sickness. But... they're out of the house!!! Also this weekend, Bill finished the closet built-ins. Guess that means I need to finish unpacking, eh? Lol. Lookin' a little scary in there! Maybe I'll even un-bury the bedroom! Maybe.

All right. I've typed a whole post, shared a bunch of photos, and still no elves have showed up to clean my floors. Guess I better hop to it! ;-)

Happy Monday!!


  1. Great closet Chelle! Love those floors too! Wondering how your cortisol test went? Good to go or more changes needed? I can't wait to see you kick butt in your prep process now that the move is somewhat over with (I know, it won't EVER be completely settled). ;-) `Jen

    1. Hi Jen! waiting on results from the test. hopefully I'll have results by next week.