Thursday, April 3, 2014

And it begins...

Day one. Stats day. Ugh. ;-)

Today was my first measurements and stats day - I headed to see Kayla at the gym, stripped off my shoes and socks and BAM! Ugh. Actually, it was right about where I thought it'd be. The last several months of inflammation and injury, as well as just plain crazy schedules have not been kind to my physique.

Weight: 136.2
Body Fat: 28.8%
Waist: 28
Umb. (belly button): 30.5
Hips: 36
Thigh: 20.5

Now that I've bared myself, lol, here's a peek at what is to come...

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week I'll be training with Kayla. Mondays and Fridays are active rest (pilates, yoga, etc), and Saturdays & Sundays I'll workout on my own, following Kayla's program for me.

I'm really excited to get started! I'll be building muscle for 10 weeks (which means Yay! More Food!), then the last 8 weeks are for cutting - whittling off body fat and sculpting the muscle I've got. There will be intense posing training, plus the choreography for my T-Walk. I'll be making an appointment with the wonderful woman who made my suite for my previous competition to alter it (ahem, remove the industrial strength padding, lol).

This weekend I'll be building the framework for my diet. Kayla crunched my numbers and let me know where she wants my calories and macros to begin. I'm starting off at 1800 calories/day+, with an emphasis on protein and natural fats. My carbs are in the evening, as opposed to the first half of the day - that'll take some getting used to, lol. I'm so ready for this! With as crazy as things have been, plus wearing a cast on my arm for 4 weeks (it's off! Yay!!) my food prep routines have suffered. Now, being officially "in prep", I'll be forced to hold to routine - and that's a good thing for me. I work better, calmer, when I have specific guidelines. On the 15th I have my food sensitivity test, which will be a great tool in my prep, as well as my daily life - here's to reduced inflammation! Wooohoo!

Bill has got to be the most incredible, loving, supportive husband out there. He's not only encouraging me to compete again, but doing so knowing that I'm shooting for three shows over a month period - and prepping through summer (no margaritas for me this summer!). He knows, having lived through it before, how much pressure it puts on him, and how my availability is... we'll call it 'challenged', during prep. And still... he's right here cheering me on. Amazing!

The kids are also supportive, and can't wait to cheer me on during the shows. How cool is my family? Though, to be honest, there have been questions of when flak jackets will be best utilized. Hahaha! Such is competing.

Backing up a bit to update ya'll... Tuesday I had my doctor's appointment. They were very amused the last time I went in for a daughter's appointment because I had my Skulls Cast Cover on. I have to admit - I did love that one! ;-) This time, Bethany had written me a message, and Shiloh had doodled all over it - the staff got quite the kick out of it.

Yes, my daughter wrote Thug Life and Pimp on my arm. Lol.

Getting the cast off wasn't fun. At all. The vibration saw may not cut your skin, but it gets darn hot! I've got a burn on the base of my thumb, then as they were trying to pry it open, I got pinched in two spots and now sport bruises, lol. It was an experience. And I'm glad it's over. My wrist is really weak, but the x-rays showed no sign of the previous fracture, so hopefully this weakness & pain will fade away (quickly, please!).

That night, we enjoyed an early birthday dinner for Bill - I'd made Beef Bourguignon. Even utilizing the crockpot, it was very, very time intensive, lol. But wow, worth every moment! Yummy! Then Wednesday was his birthday, and we just chilled and relaxed all day. He hasn't had a day off in forever, so it was nice to see him unwind. Then we ventured out to Abuelo's for dinner and watched World War Z (not impressed) and were in bed by 10pm.  All in all, it was a day in the life of a couple of old fogey's, haha.

Sadie is doing great! We've hired a new trainer for her and he's absolutely wonderful! She's responding wonderfully to the training, and we're so happy with her progress! It's a relief to finally be able to teach her boundaries and behavior in ways she understands. Training a nearly full grown English Mastiff is a whole lot different than training one up from a puppy. The techniques he uses help us to exercise our control, as well as let her know exactly what's expected. It's also teaching us that she's an incredibly smart dog. ;-) We're loving it! If you're in Utah, AZ or Nevada, and need a trainer, these guys are awesome!

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  1. Chelle,

    I will definitely be following along on your journey to the stage again. We have very similar stats now(although I can't believe you are 28% body fat!) and I recently started working with a trainer for the first time so I am hopeful to see more muscle and less fat. I'm about 27-28% too. I would say "skinny fat," but at 127-ish pounds I wouldn't qualify as skinny.

    I remember following along when you did your first competition and I had similar stats to you at the start, but then I got side-tracked and you worked your plan for great results. (I also lost a large amount of weight so I am a statistics junky and write these things down.)

    You will do amazing. I'm looking forward to your updates!

    1. Ha, hit enter too soon, lol. I'll be posting photos later today - the dreaded "before" pics. Yikes! I'm a stats-junkie too, and have already pulled out all my notebooks from my first journey to the stage. I'm excited to see where this leads me, and very much appreciate you cheering me on! :-)

  2. Aw so glad you guys found a dog trainer you like - training the big babies is so hard but a necessary evil. I will be so happy once we teach our boys that counter-surfing is a NO. :)

    So excited for your prep! Such an exciting time!!

  3. Thanks, Lacey! It is hard, but she's already so much happier - and being able to walk her on leash without getting another broken arm is a huge plus, lol!! Thankfully, Sadie doesn't counter surf, but Bear (my daughter's dog who will be with us during deployment) does! Yikes! Hope that doesn't rub off on Sadie! I've been following your own special prep! How exciting and yes, it's a lot like figure competition prep, LOL! Wishing you the BEST!!