Monday, April 7, 2014

Competition Prep Ponderings...

It was a great weekend, full of list making, food prep, and relaxing. Working on my meal plan, using the guidelines given me by my coach, I have had it smacked in my face that I have NOT been eating enough. Ugh. I put all this food in my day (on the software), then check the tally and Nope... not enough. Add more food. Not enough. Add MORE food. Closer. Lol. This initial getting back into the swing of things is going to be challenging. <sigh>

I finally nailed it down, and this morning began my day with a plate of yumminess. Speaking of which, the What's In Today's Cooler is back in action! See photos of my daily food and my calories/macros (if you're interested in such things <wink>).

Also updated (finally!) is the Workout and Cardio Playlist for April! Woot!! Fresh tunes to distract my brain from muscle pain, lol! Check that out HERE.  

I posted my "before" photos on the forum. Oh my! It's just as hard to share those pics this time around as it was last time. Yeesh. Here's the link: .  Needless to say, I've got a lot of work ahead of me. But - I've got a great coach who believes in me, a husband and family who believe in me, and an innate sense of competition - I WILL do this. And I will do it well. No other options. Even if it means I choke down my enormous amounts of food for two weeks while my body adjusts, lol.

It's funny, it's just 1800+ calories a day, but I've fallen into the bird-eating trap and going from here to there - well, it's a LOT of food. Thankfully, my activity will be increasing, too, so it shouldn't be long before I'm feeling the hunger. Yay! Today's protein shake will be made with the new Natural's line from Champion Performance. I'm excited to try them! I love (read: LOVE) their pure whey plus, and am really anxious to check out these new ones! My shake will use the Sport (GF and vegetarian), Vanilla. I'll let you know how it tastes :-)

Ok, I've got a boatload of work to get done and a very large dog to walk ;-)  If you haven't done it yet, I encourage you to register on the Forum (it's free!)! We've got such amazing folks there, and their so supportive and helpful! You'll love it!

Happy Monday!!

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