Monday, April 14, 2014

It's a fresh new week...

If you're on our Community Forum, you probably already know that I had a rough weekend. The mental aspect of prep struck hard and caught me unprepared. Between the extreme muscle soreness and our crazy schedule, I hit the blah's. I was tired, unmotivated. I realized I have to get back into the "pack my cooler" routine, even if I'm not planning to leave the house - that way, when something comes up, I'm good to go.

Then our Sadie got some kind of eye injury and we ended up at the vet - she's fine now, but they had to sedate her to flush the eye and figure out that there was nothing in there. A huge bill later, they gave her an injection, pain meds and eye ointment. She's doing great now, but worrying about my fur-baby was pretty stressful. Plus, I think maybe she got too much sedative because she had a few accidents after she got home and her sweet brown eyes looked just miserable about it.

I got in all my workouts, all my cardio, most of my food, most of my water. Saturday was nice, we had some friends over and bbq'd steaks - and that was an adventure, lol. The whole grill caught fire! Here you can see my hubby saying, "Nah, it'll die down, let me just flip these steaks", LOL! Men! I threw together a pretty darn yummy summer salad to go with the meat - watch for that recipe tomorrow. I'll be making up another big batch of it for this week. YUM!

Joey's in Texas on a job, and Shiloh and Bethany had driven to California for a wedding, so we had the care of all three dogs in the house - one of whom (Bear) decided that the shoelace on one of my gym shoes was a chew toy. OY! Anyway, the girls got home safely last night, so my Mommy-heart could relax a bit. I'll relax more when Joey's safely home ;-)

Today is leg day - how'd that come back so fast? It's my 'light' workout, as Kayla will brutalize my legs again on Thursday. I've got lunges, box jumps (modified), butt-busters (machine donkey kicks), hip raises, inner/outer thigh machines and lower ab decline crunches. Plus 30 minutes stairmaster intervals. I'll be taking my pre-workout supplement, lol.

I've also got a new supplement I'll start today... it's called Generation UCAN I bought the plain, which I can add to a protein shake, and the Cran-Raspberry which I can take on it's own. It provides the carbs I need for energy without an insulin spike. Nice, yeah? Since my energy is a serious detriment at this point, I'm looking forward to this.

I'm still feeling blah, but I'll do what I have to do. I know this is a temporary thing, this weird mood, and I know a lot of it is tied into my physical pain, so I'll move forward in spite of it. I'm updating the Daily Cooler again ( and sucking down my water with lemon slices.

So... there's my update ;-) Not very exciting, but hey, it's real.

Happy Monday!


  1. You poor thing! That is a rough weekend. :-(

    1. Thanks, Lol, thankfully this week it's going better :-)