Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midweek Check In... Progress?

Well, the soreness is finally fading a bit - though I've got a strained hamstring and am (as I type this) hooked up and buzzing with my TENS Unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). Lol. I've made it through all my meals, cardio, and workouts so far - it might not be pretty but I'm getting it done. Yesterday I had my first cardio session wherein I did NOT need to use my inhaler! Woot!!

Today I weighed in.
The last two weeks I've been solid at 136.2  
Today..... 132.8  
I'll take it! Wooohooo!!!!

BTW, though I will be posting and sharing my prep here on the blog, remember that the day to day updates are over on the forum, if you're interested in following more closely. :-)

Tomorrow is leg day - guess what I'm dreading? Ha! I really hope that between my ben gay Zero and my TENS time that this hammy will relax enough to let me work. Tonight we've got a couple meetings, so I'll be taking my food, and my TENS, lol. ;-) Probably will get some funny looks. Like that's new. Hahaha!

So... that's my check-in for prep. It's on track and moving right along. I'm feeling better (still weak as a freakin' kitten, but my attitude and energy are better). Onward and Upward! ;-)

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