Friday, April 11, 2014

The Face-Plant...

The last three days have been a comedy (tragedy?) of errors. Oh my! First up was the face-plant. Yep. I did. Here are the culprits responsible (because of course, I have no responsibility in this, lol)...
Yeah. She looks innocent, right? HA! Here's how it happened. Those boxes are full of canned goods from my daughter's apartment. We planned to get them unpacked the next day, which was why they were sitting next to the chair. SADIE, however, decided they made great barriers to slide into while playing with the dogs. I did not notice this. I was sore (omg, sore), shutting down the house for the night, turned off the lights in the kitchen and realized I hadn't left on the hall light. That's ok. I know my house inside out. I know where the chair is. The couch. The boxes. I'll just walk through, in the dark, and go to bed.

Insert header. Yep. The dogs had (with Sadie being the one who's big enough to move furniture and boxes of cans) rearranged the living room. I hit a box, took a step to the side to balance, hit the chair, bounced back and over the box, going face first into the floor with my ribs stuck on the box corner. It wasn't pretty. Oh my.

Next morning... can't get worse, right? Wrong! One of the workers scheduled for Friday, showed up at 8am Thursday. I was nowhere near ready. And it booted me out of my kitchen. All my carefully scheduled nutrition went bye-bye. CRAP!!! I ended up driving to the store and grabbing clean deli-meat and hard boiled eggs just to get some fuel in me! The day (and my nutrition plan) continued to slide south from there. No photos taken, nothing logged, though I did manage to pull it out and get it back on track.

Then Shi drug me out to the mall to find shoes for her dress (the kids are traveling to a wedding this weekend). I do not know how many stairs I climbed (and this is after 30 minutes on the stairmaster), or stores we entered or shoes she tried on. And the little bugger MOCKED me! I was moving a wee bit slow and tenderly, being so SORE, but she didn't have to race up then back to me to show me how slow I was moving! Brat!

By last night, I was so sore! Crazy sore! I went for this...
It wasn't enough. I woke this morning and could barely bring my hand to my mouth (a requirement of eating, lol). I tried to pop a couple aleve in my mouth but my arm wouldn't complete the move - I'm not sure where those pills ended up. Hmph. So... I am currently wearing this as if it were a layer of clothing - I apologize to anyone who crosses my path today...

I keep it in the freezer so it's extra cold. Still not enough, but this pain will fade. Please, god! I'm back today at three with Kayla to do back and biceps. I've been trying all day to loosen up my tricep muscles so I can DO biceps, lol. I'll also be picking up my new carb supplement today, which I'll tell you about next post.

So, with my humiliation, klutziness, and pain revealed to you in full color, it is now time for me to go eat again, then hit the gym. May you all have a kinder, gentler experience today. Lol. ;-)

By the way... best fun protein shake ever! Strawberry Sundae Champion Pure Whey Plus mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk with a tablespoon of softened coconut butter (butter not oil). All it needed was a little umbrella stuck in it! LOL! ;-)


  1. Laughing my ass off (at your expense!)…..sorry, Chelle…..but every time I read one of your escapades, I just feel like…..if she can do it, I have absolutely no excuse! That's why so many can relate to you…. human and yet superhuman at the same time. There's no other explanation for how you manage to accomplish so much! Feel better! Hope you loosened up before Kayla got a hold of you again!

    1. Thanks, Lori! LOL! :-) After a rest day I'm feeling a bit more, we'll say flexible, hahaha. I'm back at it today to do chest and triceps. They still hurt, but it's time! :-)

  2. You crack me up! And as much as you are griping about the soreness ;) , I knooooow it is secretly satisfying that being that sore means you did some good work!! Happy Saturday!

    1. Yes, you're right. Sick, isn't it? Lol! Hahahaha!!