Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Urpy-ness of Leg Day

For some reason, Leg Day has always been my nemesis. When a workout is tough, sure, I get the urge to hurl, but if it's leg day - it's not an urge. It becomes my greatest challenge to keep the contents of my stomach IN my stomach. Why is that? Ugh. However, the workouts are worth whatever temporary discomfort I experience as they are making me stronger and better conditioned (hey, my stomach, too!). My conditioning is pathetic at this point. My inhaler is my best bud, and I, at least twice during each workout, am having to lay on the floor with my feet and arms in the air to make the room stop spinning. Again - UGH.

This too shall pass, as my Mom always told me. And it will. While I will always want to be pushed to become better, this sad weakness is a temporary state. Today's leg day wasn't as painful and discouraging as the first one I did with Kayla - that alone is progress. With each day, I will get better. There's no other option. And, silver lining, Kayla told me today that she thinks I'm about 40% ahead of where I started prep last time - that's a good thing. A mature body isn't all bad ;-) I tell ya, though I feel like I'm starting from scratch, I am SO grateful for the years with Tabitha building my mentality, my body, and teaching me form. I've got a good foundation, and I'm thankful.

Food is currently my hurdle. Eating it all. Aside from schedule and adjusting, I'm just not used to this much food. Or water. But, I'll get this, too. I have to. There are no other options. And someday down the road, I'll be wishing I had all this food, lol!

Tomorrow is cardio - stairmaster intervals. Wonder how my legs will feel. ;-)

I've gotten a lot of messages asking me what supplements I'm taking... here's the list:
Champion Performance Pure Whey Plus (whichever flavor strikes my mood, lol)
Champion Performance Multi-Vitamin
Champion Performance Muscle Nitro PM (for recovery)
Champion Performance Amino Edge (pre-workout) OR Champion Performance Energize (pre-workout)
Adreno-Mend - helping to balance my out of whack hormones (particularly cortisol)
Relora - same as above
Rebound - post-workout recovery

In addition to these, on cardio days, I'll be using my stack that my vitamin guru recommended. They're listed HERE. Just scroll down the post.  I'll also be reinstating the anti-inflammatory stack in that same post.

Ok, time for me to get going. Bill has bowling tonight, and I've got my meeting with Stef. Bwahahaha, I have some new exercises for her tonight! ;-) Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.  Mwaha-hahahaha!

Came home from the gym and all I wanted to do was lay with my feet up so my stomach could settle. Guess you don't always get what you want, right Sadie and Bear? ;-)

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  1. Awwww! My two boys do the same thing to me. Of course, mine only weight about 25-30 pounds!!