Thursday, May 8, 2014

Food Sensitivities and Other Random Strangeness...

A few weeks back I took a food sensitivity test... I've been looking forward to the results, and being able to fine-tune my competition diet. The results would allow me to eliminate inflammatory foods, which would in turn, help eliminate inflammation, bloating, discomfort, etc. Well, after much anticipation, the test came back.
Now... I know myself pretty well, I've always been a bit, well, sideways, lol, but those two sheets of paper had a whole lot of red ink with a whole lot of "abnormal" going on. Huh. Go figure. ;-)

The list of foods I'm sensitive to is far more extensive than I expected. And reads like my favorite foods list. Booo! What the heck?! Here's the list...

Bay Leaf
Cabbage (seriously??? I eat a ton of cabbage! I use it shredded, raw, on everything!)
Swiss Cheese
Chicken (again, seriously??? Do you know how much chicken I eat???)
Corn (there goes my Quinoa pasta! It's made with quinoa and corn)
Grapefruit (my favorite fruit in the whole wide world!!!)
Cow's Milk (there went my beloved greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese...)
Mustard (what competitor is allergic to mustard? Me! Yeesh!)
Green Olives
Pork (really?? When I need a break from all that chicken, pork is my go-to!)
Green Peppers
Shrimp (Awww, c'mon now! Not cool!)
Walnuts (yeah, saw that coming, I get a headache every time I eat them)
back to the drawing board...

So... there will be some major revamping of my meal plans. I have an appointment next Monday for an exhaustive explanation of my results, but this changes a lot for my competition prep. Granted, none of my sensitivities are severe, so after competition I can enjoy in mindful moderation, but for now... ugh.

This weekend will be a major food planning fest. <sigh>

In other random weirdness particular to my silly life... If you're on my Forum, you already know this, but I had a wardrobe malfunction at the gym. Never have I been more grateful for my industrial strength sports bras.

My coach had me doing band assisted pull ups and chin-ups in my workout on my own. I've done them with her - and it was scary. If you've never done them, you take the big green band and wrap it over/under the top bar of the TRX cage - or any other tall bar, then using a step, place one foot into the band and press down until that leg is straight, lock your other ankle behind that leg, and pull-up or chin-up.

First... I am coordination-challenged.
Second... I am short.
Third... refer to First.

I have to bring my foot darn near to my nose to get it into the band, then maneuver it into place (arch of the shoe), then press down without launching myself OVER the TRX frame, then execute pull-ups and chin-ups. Ha! Here's pics to help you see what I mean, but trust me, you want to keep reading...
bandassisted1.jpg  bandassisted2.png  bandassisted3.jpg 

In this case, I actually did it! I didn't get tangled, didn't hang myself, didn't fall, didn't snap myself with the band while trying to extricate myself at the end of a set. And I completed 4 sets of each!!  So... what did I do? 
My very first set, I got in place, pressed my band-leg down, wrapped my ankle and pulled myself up...  my tank top decided to stick to the band, so when I pulled up, my shirt pulled down - full exposure, folks. Had I been wearing one of those tops with a built-in bra, I would have been arrested for indecent exposure. It was that bad. OMG. And it's not like I could stop mid set! Again - band, tangle, coordination, etc. I had to finish the set with my tank top front pulled down under my sports bra. Thankfully, both were black- same shade (unlike my face, lol). Maybe no one noticed. <sigh>

Yeah. It was pretty exciting. Not. ;-)

Training Updates... My training is going great. I'm getting stronger, have better endurance, and I'm progressing. The latest change to my routine is this... three times a week I workout with Kayla, then those evenings, I go back and do 4 heavy sets of several exercises we did that morning followed by 30 minutes of steady-state cardio. So three days a week, I'm working out twice a day + cardio, then 3 more workouts on my own, plus 1 more set cardio. I have one full rest day each week. I feel good, tired, lol, but good.

I have to wear the wrist brace when I workout, and I start physical therapy next week for that. Doctor was confident that 3 weeks should be enough. We'll see. I'm sure the changes to my diet will also assist in reducing inflammation (I've got soft tissue damage from the break).

Other than that, my life is the usual busy-busy-busy. Bill and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary this week :-) and Ariel's birthday is next week, then Bethany's graduation ceremony and party are in a couple weeks. Lots going on :-)

Sadie had her first (and last) swimming lesson. Way too traumatic for all of us. Our goal now is just to get her comfortable on the second step (it's really wide and long) so that she can cool off through the hot summer. If she later decides to paddle around a bit, all good, but we're not doing that forced swim thing again. She never could get out of panic mode, and even just being in the water a short time completely exhausted her. No fun for any of us. She's finally forgiven me, though, lol.

So... that's my list of random updates ;-) Now I'm off to figure out what the heck to eat. Lol!


  1. Oh my goodness, the tank top part! LOL! So glad you had a sports bra on and not a built in tank! Those band pull ups SCARE me! Last fall, my friend was doing them and the band popped off her foot and hit her in the eye! She had to wear an eye patch and was scared for a bit that she had detached the retina. Luckily, she did not and it healed.

    That is a crazy list of food. What the heck are you going to eat?! ha!

    1. Lots and lots of turkey, lol. I'm gobblin'! Beef, turkey, swai or tilapia... it's pretty limited! I did discover Daiya non-diary products - amazing! The mozzarella shreds are awesome, and I love the cream style spread. :-) Little things make me happy, hahaha!