Friday, May 30, 2014

Progress Pics (gulp!)

If you're over on the Recipe For Fitness Forum, you know that I had my 6 week progress check in recently. I'm really pleased with the changes, and Kayla is, too! Yay!!! We saw significant progress on all fronts.  Here are the stats...

April 6  May 21 
weight: 136.2
bodyfat: 28.8%
waist: 28"
umbilical waist: 30.5"      
hip: 36"
thigh: 20.5"

lean muscle: 97 lbs
fat: 39.2 lbs
weight 132.9
bodyfat: 23.2%
waist: 26.75"
umbilical waist: 28.75"      
hip: 35"
thigh: 20.5"

lean muscle: 102.1 lbs
fat: 30.8 lbs

I've lost inches (woot!), and almost 9 lbs of fat!!! And I've gained 5 lbs of muscle!!!! Woooohooo!! We (Kayla and I) did the happy dance. Ok, I did the happy dance and she groaned. ;-)

And now... the photos (click to view larger).

So... there you have it! 6 weeks of hard work in the books, with many  more ahead! We're pounding out the prep. The original goal was to compete August 2nd, August 23rd, and September 5/6. We may or may not hit the August 2nd show. If not, it won't crush me like it would have once. I'm not stepping on the stage until I'm ready, and if it takes a few more weeks, then so be it.

My workout routine is still lifting 6 days a week, twice a day, then cardio 3-4 times a week. I also have Pilates once a week and the dry-sauna 3-5 times a week. My food is still no lower than 1800 calories/day, but my macros changed (and continue to change)... I'm at 70 grams carbs/day this week, and next week will drop to 60. Lots and lots of protein, which for me means I'm gobblin' like thanksgiving dinner. LOL. I've been making burgers out of lean beef and turkey breast just to break it up a bit. Lots of leafy greens, no fruit. Last night was my "carb" meal - I made sweet potato fries. YUM!!!! I've been discovering a lot of great low-carb ways to get in tasty foods... the cauliflower "cheesy bread" and Jicama fries I shared here in previous posts are phenomenal! I get the "treat" without the extra carb load.

My emergency food stash in the car consists of GF beef jerky and unsalted nuts (cashews, almonds, etc). That way if I get hung up away from home, I still have fuel. I try to schedule everything so I'm back home for my next meal, but at least this way there's always something to eat in the car. Though, the way we're heating up, I'll have to start keeping it in my purse instead. 108 this week! YIKES!

Overall, I'm feeling great. Bill and Shiloh tell me that the low-carbs are making me bitchy. Huh. I don't see it. ;-)  My energy is good, though, and I credit the higher fat and the UCAN powder. My wrist is still healing. I'm still in physical therapy, but there is definite progress. My foot is slowly healing. Wearing an athletic shoe is no fun, but it is what it is. I had my ortho take a look at it when I was in for a wrist followup this week. He said I'm lucky it didn't tear the tendon. YIKES! He prescribed antibiotics, and said to be mindful of it, but didn't ground me ;-) I think the only way I'm holding together is Dr. Martin and Kayla, lol. And he may just bring out the duct tape the next time I wander in with another injury. Hahaha!

I have an appointment next week with the amazing gal who made my last suit, Norma. She'll see what's what with it and if we can remove the padding. I also need to get serious about a backup suit. And shoes. And posing songs. Lol. I've done such a good job of not letting prep "control" my head this time around that I'm actually losing track of what needs to get done. That's not good, either. Lol. Guess I'm off to do some research!

If I haven't said it lately... THANK YOU for following my journey. For supporting me. For encouraging me. You guys are amazing and I value each and every comment you post, email you write. 


  1. You can really see the difference with your definition showing more!

  2. Thanks for posting, my friend!!! You are one of my biggest inspirations! I love how you keep everything real. Can't wait to follow you, again, when you ROCK that stage!!!

  3. Great job Chelle! I can see the changes happening. Looking forward to your next progress update.

  4. I LOVE your blog with all your funny sayings and doings. and as far as the body you can you really tell a major difference with definition and all.

  5. No, thank you Chelle! Following your first journey a couple of years ago inspired me on my own! Being able to see what prep was like day-to-day gave me the push to do it myself, and I did! I'm actually currently prepping for my fourth show this summer. So THANK YOU for putting it all out there.
    XOXO Jen

  6. You look fantastic! I have to clarify..... are you lifting 12 times a week? You mentioned 6 days, twice a day. That seems extraordinary?

    1. I'm lifting between 9 and 10 times a week. The three or four days I work with Kayla, I duplicate the workout again in the evening. The days I workout on my own, it's a single workout. I've never pushed this hard before, and it's pretty crazy, but I'm feeling great and it's definitely getting results. Once I finish my build phase, I won't be doing the 2x/day weight sessions. :-)

  7. Nicely done, Chelle. You made great progress in these 6 weeks!!! I'm amazed at the amount of fat you lost!! All that hard is for sure paying off!!! Yes, do clarify are you lifting 2x a day!! Wow!

    1. Thanks! Yep, lots of lifting! I lift heavy between 9 and 10 times a week. It changes up a bit, I lift with Kayla either 3 or 4 days - on those days I do doubles, repeating the workout again on my own in the evening. The days I workout on my own, it's just one workout. We'll switch it up once we begin cutting, but for the build phase - heavy iron! ;-)

  8. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Thank you for all the amazing encouragement!!!!!

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