Friday, June 6, 2014

11 Weeks Out...

Wow, that seems so far away. Our original goal of hitting the August 2nd show is a maybe... which means the show on the 23rd is "target"... and 11 weeks away. Today. Part of me is excited; it's the look how far I've come already thing. Another part of me wants to curl up and cry. 11 more weeks??? Really??? And it's only going to get harder. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Competition prep is not easy. For the most part, it's just a lot of hard, painful work, and a growing list of foods/drinks I "can't" have. It's starting the day in the gym, and ending it there (or curled up on the shower floor because my legs can't hold me up anymore). It's measuring food, tracking water intake, climbing unending stairs, and lifting a whole lot of iron.

Here's a quick peek at the differences this time around. In the blue suit, I'm 12 days from the show, in full cutting mode. You can see that my butt was a weakness.  In the purple suit, I'm 11 WEEKS from show, and if you look in the mirror you can see that my butt is much better... and we're still in building phase for another 2-3 weeks; haven't begun cutting yet. There's actually a separation between butt and thigh now.

It's stuff like that, photos, measurements, etc, that excite me. So much progress! The pain, the work, the denied cravings... it's all worth it because it's working. That's the high... then comes the low... I'm tired, so tired - and there's still 11 weeks to go. You know, most days, I'm just fine. I get up, get it all done, and move on. But once or twice a week (usually, ahem, on double leg workout plus cardio day, lol), I just kind of sink. Thankfully, my carb-up meal is the night before Legs, but it's still not an easy thing.

Today is my rest day. I'm so very grateful for rest days, haha. I've done nothing but work, eat my meals, drink my water, and organize & plan. Sadie has a check-up later today, but right now she's roaming the backyard while I type. She actually let me spray her down with the hose! Girl does not like water, except to drink, lol. The other two dogs have been in and out of the pool. I wish I had time to join them. Maybe after Sadie's appointment, Bill and I can hop in and cool down. It's been so hot! 111 yesterday, and right now at noon, it's 103. Stepping outside feels like opening the oven door.

So... I'm fighting the mental battle. And I'm learning to be ok with wearing shorts in the gym. That's silly, right? I've never done it - hate showing off my pasty white legs. But Kayla needs to see them when we do legs, so I'm adjusting. Know what else I've never really done before? Squats in the squat rack. Real ones. My shoulder has never allowed me to hold the bar across them - but with all the rehab work/building Kayla's been doing, I can handle it just fine! Wooohoo! With a separated AC joint, I'll never be one of the 'big boys' squatting major weight, but I'm doing it and I'm doing it well. Yay for any victory! :-)

Speaking of victories... my arthritis and damage and my asthma are fully in check. Still working around the wrist injury, but as long as I wear the brace I'm fine. Sure, I get a twinge here and there, now and then, but it's not limiting or controlling me. This is such an amazing thing, that if I think about it too long, I cry. I'm so incredibly thankful for Kayla and the plan she's put in place for me.

In other news.... we're waiting to get scheduled for Bethany's tonsillectomy (finally!!). The docs decided that 6 cases of tonsilitis/strep throat each year, with two of them landing in the ER (again - each year) is too much. Ya think??? So that's in the works. Shi just started working for Bill at FlexGround today, along with keeping up with her photography work. Her hubby is doing well, and we're all anxious to get him back home. Deployment is tough on everyone. Ariel is busy, busy, and Joey is too. Bill's insanely busy, so we really cherish our down time together.

That's my news.  Hope ya'll have an amazing weekend!!!
It's Friday!!!  Here's to Us!!  ;-)


  1. I think you look good! You should be for sure ready when it comes time for competition. Lots of good luck and hopefully not to much pain to get there.

  2. You look great right now Chelle! You may get to where you need/want to be for the show before you get 1/2 way there! Lookin' good....keep up the good work! ~ Jen

  3. You are doing great Chelle!
    I admire your desire and dedication, ONLY 10 1/2 weeks remaining. You are almost there.
    You can do it!!! :)

  4. Thank you!!!! Another week or so of building and we'll begin cutting and see what we've got! Today is the dreaded double leg day with cardio (and dry sauna), so I'm off to mentally gear up! ;-)