Thursday, June 12, 2014

Progress Report: Weigh In and Measurements

My last weigh in was 3 weeks ago. Today was the day for a progress report, and I was very nervous! I've been bloaty all week (we're increasing fiber and probiotics to, ahem, flush out the problem, lol), so I was concerned that my water weight and measurements would be funkified. What I did not expect was DRASTIC progress.  Guess what I got? WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

In three weeks, my weight stayed exactly - to the ounce - the same. BUT... I gained 2 lbs of lean muscle mass and dropped 2 lbs of body fat. OMG! Major happy dance!!! And it gets better!!!! My flexed bicep measurement was up by 1.5 inches! My quad and hip/butt measurements were also up! Yay!!!!

And, boo, my waist was up, too, but again - bloat, and it'll go away.

Yes, I am doing my happy dance ;-)  After we did the weigh in and measurements, it was time to pound legs. And pound them, we did. Oh my. Toward the end, I told Kayla I could hear the last of last night's carbs taunting me as they ran away.... "neener, neener, neener!" Bastards! But, I pushed through and got it done. She's beyond thrilled with my progress and is so excited at the changes. Next week on our back day she wants me to wear a spaghetti strap top so she can video my back to show me "the party going on back there". :-)  COOL!!!!

After the workout, we set the plan for the next few days. Starting with... are you ready? Because this one threw me....

NO PART 2 LEG DAY today. NO CARDIO today. NO DRY SAUNA today. I'm done. WHAT???? What is this language you speak? No double???? And.... tomorrow is cardio and abs only. Did the world reverse it's rotation? Have the carbs left me truly maddened?  Nope. Seriously, I get the rest of the day off and mostly tomorrow. And.... Saturday I hit legs again (hard), but only once, then Sunday is another rest day! A full rest day. What does this all mean?


Hahahaha!!!! That's right, folks... I made it through to the other side... cutting. Oh, wait... that's hard, too! LOL! But for reals, this is it!!!! I'll do that cardio and abs tomorrow, then kill legs again on Saturday, rest fully Sunday, then Monday we begin adjusting down my calories. My macros will stay the same, leaving me with 50 grams of carbs/day, but the day before leg day will be my carb reload. We're heading toward 1600 calories, and we'll stay there the majority of the remaining time. The workouts will adjust as we go, for now it'll stay heavy and hard. MORE MUSCLE! ;-)

I seriously feel like that picture. Lol! Whew!!!!

There was one small error I have been making in my diet... ummm, oops. I forgot to take my fish oil - for several weeks. I'll be rectifying that situation as of today, haha. It'll go a long way toward relieving my brain-drain. Hey, maybe it'll help me remember where I put my..... wait, what was I looking for?  ;-)

Hmmmm. Yeah, still nothin'.

Oh, and just cuz I'm me and snark is my first language... all those haters who said you can't build muscle while carb depleting? Booooyah, Beetches!!!!!!    ;-)


  1. AWESOME Chelle! Congratulations on your progress! I thought your 11 week pics were amazing, can't wait to see your end results this time around!!

  2. Awesome - every step forward big or small is a step in the right direction. Keep it up!