Monday, June 30, 2014

Rest, Relaxation and Training Updates...

I had a GREAT weekend! It started with an amazing massage on Friday, and I seriously can't remember ever feeling that relaxed! Woot! After that, I packed up my 6-pack cooler and my overnight bag and off we went to check into the hotel. I got to enjoy my dinner with this amazing view...

In case you're wondering, that's turkey breast, avocado, jicama, celery, carrots and cucumber with oil/vinegar for dipping. ;-)

After eating and relaxing, we headed downstairs to the concert. I have wanted to see Collective Soul in concert for years (like 15 years!), and they did NOT disappoint! It was fantastic!!! :-)
I loved every moment. Thanks, Bill!!!!! :-)  
Saturday we returned home and since it was a full rest day, I did NOTHING. Hahaha. I rested and recharged, then once the sun set, we moved a tv out to the pool, threw in the floaty chairs and watched movies. FUN!!!

Sunday was again a full rest day, and boy did I! I slept in, then snoozed off and on all day. Basically, all I did was eat and sleep. I even missed my last shake of the day because I fell asleep snuggling with Sadie. The rest did me good, and my knee wasn't too bad today during my leg workout.

And It Begins...  My workouts are transitioning this week... instead of the moderate reps with heavy weight, we're moving to lower weight and higher reps. That was more of a challenge than I anticipated, and even with being "carbed up" I was sucking wind and sweating like crazy. Also, there are absolutely no more double lifting days. Nope, them are done. ;-) Kayla is very pleased with my progress photos (yay!), and we'll do weigh in and measurements sometime next week. Just for kicks I looked up my last prep stats and I am a solid 10 lbs heavier (muscle) than last time at 8 weeks. Crazy! It's amazing to me how much the body can change! I'm pretty excited to see where it goes from here.

Tonight I'll head back for cardio and dry sauna, then the rest of the week I'll be running my own workouts as Kayla is on a much deserved vacation. Other than the style of my workouts, the other change this week is my diet... rather than 2 carb days each week, I'm going down to one. I'm not gonna lie... I'm a little afraid to tell Bill, lol. Thankfully I've got my Generation UCAN so I'll be utilizing that for sure.

So... there's my Monday update. If you want the video version, lol, that's coming up...

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