Monday, June 16, 2014

Updates and Upgrades...

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend! Ours was marked with a long awaited Upgrade! We FINALLY got our living room wall unit! Wooohoo! Saturday afternoon we headed to IKEA to pick it up... well, to pick up the eight-gazillion boxes that made up the unit, lol. ;-) Back home, Bill and Shiloh got to work putting the pieces together (I was banned, hmph!). The fun continued throughout the night (yes, that's tongue in cheek), then all through Sunday. They finished it up late last night. Well, it's not done-done. We still have (by we, I mean they) to run the wiring and install the lighting, then add the crown molding to match the kitchen (see pic). But... what an improvement! So excited! It's like a real room now! LOL!
crown molding in kitchen...
we'll be adding this to the living room wall unit.
They even moved the fireplace into the library for me! Eventually, this room will be floor to ceiling bookcases, but until then... it's still very clearly a library, hahaha! Got books? ;-)

So while Bill spent his whole weekend cursing IKEA, lol, he's thrilled with the result.  Sunday was a full rest day for me, then today was back at it. I met with Kayla for Leg Day Part 1... OUCH!!! ;-) I finally sucked it up and bought a pair of 'real' shorts for leg-day... and probably spent the whole time tugging and pulling on them, hahaha. I just don't do sport shorts. BUT... it did make it clear that there is major growth in my legs! Wooot!

I'll be heading back to the gym soon to finish off, doing Leg Day Part 2 plus cardio. My calories have had their first reduction. I'm now at 1600/day. It was an easy change to implement... simply went from 3 scoops of protein in each of my 2 shakes down to 2 scoops. Easy peasy. And... now I'll be getting two carb days! Woot! In the interest of  protecting my muscle, twice a week I'll be reloading. I'm pretty darn excited. Carbs! LOL!

The heat has been pretty taxing, to be honest... hard to stay "motivated" when it's just too hot to leave the house (or the air-conditioned car). Even Sadie is starting to melt...

In other news, I'm nearly done with Physical Therapy for the wrist! Yay! Still have to wear the brace when I workout (or lift things like, say, IKEA boxes... oops!), but that's just fine with me. I have three more sessions, and that's it! woot!

I finally had enough energy to try on my shoes, lol... both pair fit perfect. I'll be spending some time now breaking them in, plus of course, posing practice ;-) Here they are... and yes, there are two pair... my last pair disappeared, and I'm not comfortable without having a back up pair. What if I break a heel just before show? This way, I'm covered. Silly? Maybe, but I'm ok with that. ;-)
One really great thing happened today... and yes, I'm aware my thoughts are all over the place - I blame the low carbs ;-)   While we were finishing up today's workout, Kayla said to me, "When the shows are all over, and you're back to normal, this is where we need to bring you back to... this body... because this body ROCKS!"

How cool is that to hear from your coach???? :-) Made my day! And since it's double leg day with cardio, that means it meant a LOT! ;-)

Happy Monday, Friends!!!

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