Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3 and a half weeks to go...

Can you believe how quickly it's going by??? Today I'm mailing in my show registration for the ANBC show on the 23rd of August. I've booked our hotel room for the night before (with 3 dogs in the house, Bill said "do it". Lol). I've booked my tan, nail appt, hair, figured out the makeup... so many little details involved! I need to gather a few other things (ratty sheets for the hotel, towel for car seat, baggy shirt for tan day and sleeping, etc). I have a very organized stack going in the closet, haha. I'll begin packing the suitcase for show-day this week. Yeah, I'm ridiculous. I'm ok with that.

Posing is going well. My posing coach is thrilled with my physique - now it's up to me to nail the posing to show it off. We'll begin working on my 60 second routine tonight (eek!). Choreography is NOT my thing, so I'm a little nervous but overall, I'm excited. I'm excited about making those 60 seconds shine, for me, to own it completely - nothing I ever thought I could do, for myself. Those 60 seconds are mine! ;-) Remember my epiphany? Still holding onto that!

Training is going great. I am consistently feeling weaker, lol, but the workouts are fun and Kayla keeps me mentally pumped up. I did something wonky to my back Sunday, so we're working around that. I have to say it's really weird to reach to rub my low back and feel bone & sinew - no cushion, lol.

Food is the same. Lots and lots of Tilapia Burgers ;-) Looking forward, very much, to carb day on Friday, haha. But seriously. Yeah.

Ok... I'm off to see Coach! Happy Hump Day!

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