Friday, July 11, 2014

6 Weeks Out From Show... and a challenge for the weekend

Ok, let me first say that starting Carb Day with fasted cardio is simply cruel and unusual punishment.  Let me say next, that starting said Carb Day with fasted cardio after accidentally sleeping in... harsh. Drat!

How I feel doing fasted cardio. Lol. 
My carefully planned schedule for today is a bust. Kapooey. Swirling on its way down the drain. Hmmph. Yep, the alarm went off, hubby went to work, and I kept snoozing. An hour and a half later, I woke in a panic. Time to rework the plan. I did my cardio, ate my breakfast (so very thankful for my new Tilapia Burger recipe!!!), and showered. The original goal was to let breakfast settle, then hit the gym for Chest/Shoulders, then shower, massage at 11 (oh thank the baby Jesus!), come back home and prep food for the weekend, then leave at 2. Well... no time now. Booo! So... new plan... I'll just have to do the workout before my evening cardio. In another state. Total unknown. Crap.

We're heading to California today, Shiloh has a few apartments to view and potentially put down a deposit on one in prep for her deployed hubby's return. Our hotel has a fitness center but I have no idea how well equipped it will be, so I've scouted the area - there's a 24 Hour Fitness across the freeway from us, and I'll have to get a weekend pass. I'm taking all my food with us - for the whole weekend.  Once we check in tonight, I'll look over the fitness center and go from there. Tonight, like I said, I'll have the workout plus 45 minutes HIIT and Steady State cardio. Then back to the hotel for dinner a'la cooler, relax, then final meal and snooze.

Tomorrow morning, I'll have my fasted cardio, fuel up, then we're off to view apartments. That evening I'll be doing my back workout plus 45 minutes cardio. Sunday morning is fasted cardio again, then eat, appointment, then trip home. Once back home I'll be right back at the gym for workout & cardio. Seeing a trend? ;-)

To say it will be a challenge to stay on track throughout this weekend is an understatement. But it will get done. It has to. This is part of the process. I am committed to hitting the stage READY, and it's not easy, not smooth, and certainly not for the faint of heart. But this is what it takes. So I'm doing it. When I feel good, when I feel lousy, I'm doing it. What are you doing this weekend to reach your goals??? How committed are you???

Last night I had the great opportunity to work with Alex, another coach & friend of the amazing Kayla, on my posing. He had terrific tips and was super helpful, especially considering he's a week out from his own show and depleted physically, yet still gave freely of his time and expertise. I'm so thankful! He's put me in touch with some other key people, so I'll be working on those connections next week. One of them, is a National level posing coach and I have an appointment with him Monday night. Woot!

My progress is humming along. I'm starting to see changes daily, small ones, here and there. The most amazing change, to me, is actually seeing abs. Even as lean as I got for my last show, abs weren't really part of  my physique. When I had my (mommy makeover) surgery, my doctor told me afterwards that my abs looked fantastic "in there". Hahaha, well, I want to see them "out here". And... I finally am!! Abs are notoriously persnickity... they show up if they want to, and I'm hoping they'll take mercy on me for the stage because what I'm seeing now has me very, very, VERY excited! If I lean slightly forward, blow out the air in my lungs and give just a little twist to the waist - there's a 6-pack!!!! OMG!!!! Bill and Alex both saw it so I know it's not wishful thinking, lol!

That moment alone was a primo motivation burst. I can do this - I can keep eating fish, doing cardio while totally depleted, lifting weights that feel like they're going to crush me (keep in mind, we've cut the weight in half, lol)... because I have abs! And I'm determined to fully unveil them! Wooohooo!!! Why is this so important to me? This is why...

That was me in 2007. And I'm never, ever going back. I remember that belly that rested on my thighs when I sat, spilled over my waistbands. I remember the thighs that jiggled and rubbed with every step, the gasping lungs from nothing more than walking on that beach. I remember hiding my arms, my body, myself.

And I won't hide anymore.

Changing my life, transforming myself, was worth every painful step. And this journey to the stage is, too.

So... the weekend's challenge? It may feel like I can't do it, like I'm beaten before I start - I'm tired, craving "regular" food, mentally exhausted (and all I want is a damn glass of wine), but I have everything I need to meet the challenge. I have the tools, the passion, the commitment. I'm going to beat it. How about you?


  1. Such an incredible posting! It hits so many points with how I feel, Chelle! Very inspiring!

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You are inspiring!

  3. Your words are so motivating and inspiring -I've already come back to this post to read it twice this weekend! I'm looking forward to hearing how you manage your trip out of town while sticking to a competition diet - wow, that sounds hard! It makes me feel like "If Chelle can do THAT, then I can at least get my butt to the gym and stick to my meal plans" Hang in there, you are doing amazing things!!!

  4. I envy you as I can't seem to give up one cookie for a day. You have come an incredibly long way.

  5. Thank you, everyone!! Your support makes such a big difference for me!! <3